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Full height shutters are designed specifically for your requirements and will cover the whole aperture, window or door. This style has a clean, minimal look and allows adjustable light into any room.


Our shutters are available in a number of designs; New England, Manhattan, Soho, New York, and any type of Solid shutter, and in any finish. These designs are not different wood types, but are made from high quality timber, rather than MDF or craft woods. Shutters are finished in any paint colour with any sheen level, stained to any colour or made from a large selection of wood species.
Full height shutters can be made with or without a mid rail; this is a solid piece of timber, fitted horizontally in the shutters, which provides structural support. We also manufacture any width of stiles (sides of shutters) and any depth of rails (tops, middles and bottoms of shutters).

Also available are split tilt­ rods (New England design) or split hidden tilting mechanism (Manhattan, Soho or New York designs), dividing the sections of blades so they can be operated independently. We give you plenty of help and advice during your order to ensure your shutters are beautifully designed. Full height shutters are available in The White Collection discounted range.


We can only make all this possible because, unlike most other UK shutter suppliers, who generally purchase their shutters from the same large mass production based manufacturer in China, we set up from scratch our very own joinery workshops and can manufacture small run bespoke wooden shutters that no one else is able to do. For example, we are the only manufacturer who will vary the distance between shutter blades thus allowing the flexibility to manipulate rails sizes and positions that are required. These small details make a huge difference to the overall look and quality feel of the shutters. At TNESC we believe the quality of the materials selected to make shutters and our attention to detail in the hand-finishing are apparent in our products.


Our dedicated team offer an unrivalled level of customer service during each part of the order process. Contact the TNESC sales team on 020 8675 1099 or email for pricing and advice, and to book an appointment with one of our experienced carpenters. At the New England Shutter company we offer the finest quality solid timber shutters and have ranges to suit most budgets; from affordable luxury standard white painted shutters, to hand­stitched faux leather finishes, all made from the finest sustainable solid timber.



Full height shutters technical drawing

Full Height

Full height shutters will cover the whole window or door.

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