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5 Lighting Solutions for Small Rooms

Homes today are built with wide open rooms for an open floor plan that includes the living space, kitchen, and everything between, but every home has at least one room that is closed off from the other spaces. Small rooms can be difficult to light and a poorly lit space is never a popular one. Light is your friend in small spaces and if you are trying to figure out how to light your small room, here are 5 lighting solutions for small rooms to help you out.

Track Lighting
In a tight space, overhead lighting can be a great help, but just a simple bulb is no way to show off your unique style. Overhead lighting options today are more versatile than ever before. Track lighting has become one of the most popular options for small spaces. The lights are on a track system and therefore, are able to be moved around to offer ideal lighting throughout the space. Whether you want to focus all the lights on one area as with a studio or office for work or require ample lighting throughout the space, track lighting systems are a good option.

Recessed Lighting
Sometimes small spaces are small, not due to their floor space, but the availability of overhead space. Short ceilings add to the claustrophobic feeling common in small rooms, but recessed lighting can help significantly. Recessed lighting options are pulled back into the ceiling rather than standing out. Most utilize a can system that accounts for head from light bulbs making them safe for most homes. Additionally, recessed lighting will ensure that no one, no matter how tall, hits their head on the light fixture in your smaller than average space.

For the better part of a century, the incandescent bulb has been a staple in our homes. It has been there to light our way for many years, but it is limited in how much light it can produce. LEDs, on the other hand, have very little limitations. LEDs have almost limitless versatility in small spaces. They can be used in a wired outlet for continual light or many battery powered options can simply be attached to the wall or ceiling. LEDs use much less electricity and last much longer than standard light bulbs. LEDs are a bit more expensive, but with their versatility, they offer the best solution for small, unused spaces such as closets and powder rooms.

Keep Things Light
Putting in specialty lighting options is a great way to light up a small space, but light is actually a special thing. It reflects off some surfaces while being absorbed into others. Darker colors absorb light while lighter ones reflect it. This can easily be seen if you have ever gone into a small space featuring dark interior colors. Light coming into a window in one of these areas will offer little relief for lighting the area. However, by painting the room in a lighter color, such as a pastel or white, light is reflected throughout the space offering a much more open and bright appearance. Even a small dimly lit space can be brightened up with a fresh coat of white or pastel paint.

Wooden Shutters
Beautiful wooden shutters are an asset to any home and more homeowners are utilizing these impressive window treatment options in every room of their home. Shutters can also help you alleviate your lighting problem in small spaces. Shutters are the ideal solution for small areas such as offices, powder rooms, and even closets as they can be shut when the room is not in use, or opened up fully to allow beautiful light to flood the space. In addition to offering substantial light and privacy, shutters painted white will assist with lighting a space without absorbing light form the sun as previously discussed.

No matter the size of your home, you likely have at least one room within that requires a bit of help in the lighting department. Take the time to examine your home and use these lighting solutions to help alleviate dark, small spaces. Ample light will make the space feel more comfortable to you and your guests, so take these solutions to heart and brighten up your little space.

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