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Why Tier on Tier Wooden Shutters are Right for Any Style Home

Wooden shutters add a beautiful focal point to any home. They provide privacy while also letting the light in, but some homeowners are under the misconception that all shutters are the same. This is simply not true. You are most likely to have heard of both plantation and colonial style shutters, but tier on tier shutters are becoming more and more popular with interior designers and homeowners everywhere. Here are just some of the reasons why these amazing shutters work with any style home.

Optimal Privacy Control

One of the biggest attributes of wood shutters the ability they provide in allowing complete control of your privacy. Tier on tier shutters go even further with this concept. Instead of controlling the entire window, homeowners can choose to open the upper or lower shutters depending on how much privacy they desire. An equally ideal window solution for detached residential houses as well as apartment living where privacy can be a challenge.

Tier on tier shutters are especially helpful at night when privacy is upmost in our minds. The bottom shutters can be closed whilst the top stays open to still allow in the natural moonlight, again without interrupting a need for privacy.

Light at its Best

A well-lit room is a comfortable room, but sometimes, an overabundance of light can be a bad thing. Controlling light in your room is just as important as your privacy, shutters in general are wonderful at doing this and tier on tier shutters even more so. One of the significant advantages over standard shutter styles is the split design; direct sunlight as well as indirect light is controllable. Opening the top tier provides ample direct light whilst shutting it and opening the bottom half provides ample light without the blinding effects of direct sunlight.


If we all lived in the exact same style of house, life would be remarkably boring. Homes reflect individuality on the interior as well as exterior design. Windows are just as versatile as the homes they provide light for, so tier on tier shutters are designed in just as many customisable options. The homeowner need simply to measure the windows and choose a design style and finish that fits with the interior décor. Even if your home maintains an unusually shaped window which may present difficulties to fit with standard shutter options, tier on tier shutters can be custom built from the smallest window all the way up to the largest.

Variable Styles

Often, window treatments are entirely dependent upon the home’s décor. Some options do not work with a traditional style, while others do not look right in a modern styled home. Shutters are always a versatile option and tier on tier shutters take the concept to the ultimate level as these shutters work well in all forms of homes from traditional, to modern, to eclectic styles. There is no limit to what you can achieve with beautifully styled tier on tier shutters. Age, style, or décor have little bearing on your ability to fit a home with exceptionally designed shutters of this nature.

Easy to Clean

Homes can get cluttered quickly and the ability to easily clean window treatments is essential. A dusty set of shutters can bring down the bright décor of a space and make a room look dated and uninviting. Wood shutters such as tier on tier shutters are easy to clean. They can be wiped down with either a slightly damp cloth or a good quality feather duster to ‘flick’ along the blades from back to front to remove any accumulated dust.

The fact that the shutters open easily and can even in some cases be completely taken out of the frames to clean effectively is another key feature.

Add Value

Homeowners throughout the world look for ways to add value to their homes. Where most estate agents will agree that having a well-designed bathroom and kitchen are significant ways to add value to the home, they would also say that tier on tier shutters add value. When the home is viewed by potential buyers, they will be able to visualise more of the space and have direction on how they can design a specific room using the shutters as an anchor point. Potential buyers will be equally drawn to the fact that they will not have to invest in window treatments should they purchase the home. Less to think about for post purchase expenses!

Tier on tier shutters make any room the star of a home and the exceptional quality they bring will make a homeowner the envy of any neighborhood. Take the time to examine your home and consider the many advantages to installing tier on tier shutters today.

How to Pick the Perfect Café Style Shutters

Throughout your home, specific choices for furnishings and décor can either add or take away from interior design features. Although most of a home’s living space will be taken up by stand alone or fitted furniture, flooring coverings and soft furnishings, attention to our windows is often overlooked. However, windows speak volumes both from the exterior and interior, homeowners can add untold value to their home simply by putting focus and effort into their window treatment options.

Traditionally, windows utilise curtains or possibly blinds to block out the sun, but there is far more choice now available for windows than these simple functional options. Shutters have proven to be the ideal solution for any home as they can be adapted to fit a range of styles and are known for increasing visual impact and appeal for perspective home buyers. Even if you are not solely intent on selling your home, a stunning option could be café style shutters for your windows. Here are some tips to ensure that you get the exact look you want when picking out your new shutters.

Measure Properly

Café style shutters do not come in a ‘one size fits all’ variety. They are built specifically for each individual window and therefore measuring is key to getting the right look. Only the bottom portion of the window needs to be measured as this is where the shutters cover. Proper measuring requires noting down the width and height whilst also accounting for the frame of the window itself. Make certain that you use an accurate measuring device and measure everything at least twice. Write down the measurements and do not simply rely on your memory when going to your shutter showroom.

Pick Colours Carefully

It is relatively easy to pick out a colour for your new café style shutters, but there is much more to consider than simply what shade works best with your current décor. Where a stylish unique colour might bring interest to your space, it does not mean it will add any value to the look. Neutral colours are more appealing to a wider range of interior designs. Whether you intend on living in your home forever or looking to sell in a few years, you will appreciate the fact that a neutral colour palette will work with changing décor and without having to replace your shutters. A stunning set of beautiful coloured shutters will also bring in more interest as potential buyers will better be able to match their décor choice to the shutters. They will also not have to contend with installing shutters themselves, so the appeal is quite substantial.

Think of Texture and Materials

Most people are under the misconception that café style shutters simply come in one finish and texture. This might have been the case a few years ago before designers started experimenting with various textures, but not any longer. Café style shutters come in as many colours, textures and finishes as any other style shutter; standard wood grain finishes are of course an ever-popular choice, but also buyers can choose from finishes such as faux leather or suede. Many of these new types of finishes add an additional luxurious feel to the space, so they are certainly something to consider.

The Room Itself

As with all forms of shutters, café style shutters require consideration for the orientation of the room in relation to the sun. An easterly facing room will catch more sunlight during the morning and a westerly facing room will bring in sunlight in the evening.  North and south facing rooms face similar issues, but with a north facing room the space will maintain less light during the day. A southern exposure will gain access to light throughout the day and therefore may require more attention to the colour and material used for the shutters.

Pairing with Other Treatments

The option of pairing café style shutters with curtains brings a softer appeal to any room. It provides alternatives for when the sun is simply too much without taking away the appeal of the shutters. When pairing these two items, make sure that the curb appeal of your home is not affected. From the outside, rooms facing the same direction should always have similar colours and styles of window treatments.

Café style shutters are beautiful and add interest to any home. Whether viewing them from the inside or the outside, they bring and an old world traditional style to the home and add a distinct character to any home.  So, if you are looking to add value to your house, café style shutters are the way to go. Shutters last longer than standard blinds or even curtains and can be made to measure for any window space.

How to Choose the Right Bedroom Shutters for Your Children’s Room

The right décor for individual rooms of a home is essential to make the space unique and allow everyone to feel comfortable within. Furnishings, flooring, paint, and miscellaneous objects throughout a home are all a significant part of a cohesive décor, but window treatments should never be an afterthought. Where curtains and blinds do have their place, the most attractive and practical option for any window is shutters. They provide light when necessary as well as privacy and bringing a fresh, updated look to any room.

Although most homeowners focus their primary attention on the main living space of their homes for specialised window treatments such as shutters, special attention should also be given to children’s rooms. A child’s room is ideally a relaxing special room personalised to them; a place to recharge and rest for the next day ahead. But there is nothing to say, the room should not be anchored by a beautiful set of bedroom shutters. Here are some tips for choosing the right shutters for your child’s room:


A child’s room will never be the most ‘spic and span’ room in the entire house. By the pure nature of little ones that grow into larger ones, they have the tendency to add their own personal art to furniture, walls, carpets and anything that gets in the way of little hands with pots of paint! Even when grown up most children never really understand the concept of cleaning up and being tidy. Naturally it’s up to the parents to ensure that the cleaning details are taken care of, so when considering window dressing and treatment shutters provide the ideal minimum clean and maintenance option. Shutters remain beautiful and just as easy to clean as standard windows.

If your home’s décor calls for real shutters and you want to maintain the same effect in a child’s room, shutters are available in a variety of different finishes and styles to make cleaning easy. The smooth finishes on the shutters allow for an easy wipe over.

We recommend using a good quality feather duster to ‘flick’ along the blades from back to front to remove any accumulated dust. Should any marks appear on painted shutters use a very slightly damp soft cloth to remove the mark and then dry off any residual moisture with a dry lint-free cloth. We do not recommend using any sort of furniture polish or cleaning solution on any of our shutters.

Blackout blinds can also be supplied with our shutters for total block of light if needed in a nursery for example.

Orientation of the Room

Shutters come in a range of styles and finishes that fit perfectly with a wide variety of interior design, but the interior is not the only aspect a homeowner should be concerned with. Consistency on the outside of a home is just as important. The front of a home facing the street should have a consistent pallet of shutters in every window for optimal visual appeal. Should the child’s room face this direction, it is best to start with the child’s room to get the right shutters and then utilize the same format across the home. Provided the room faces an opposite direction, a little inconsistency will be less noticeable from the outside.


It is relatively easy to choose shutters that work within the rest of the home, but a child’s room is rather unique in its décor. It is not merely about the furnishings, but the mere fact that a child’s room regularly changes throughout their life. You do not want to have to change shutters each time your child comes up with a new colour scheme for their room, choosing a neutral color that works best with a wide variety of colour schemes and tones will be the best solution. Due to most children being drawn to bright, vibrant hues, it might be in the best interest of the room to stick to standard white shutters or light shades in pastels which will contrast well with pops of bright accent colours.


The rest of the home might be relatively quiet and undisturbed, but children’s rooms tend to be the area of a home that are prone to more accidents. Investing in cheap constructed shutters might seem like the best option, but the materials are often flimsy and break very easily. Take the time to invest in top quality shutters for the room. This will allow for less breakage from rough play and the quality wood shutters maintain their beauty for many years where simply blinds or imitation shutters degrade quickly.

Think of Light

How much light you want in the room is the true question. For rooms that are smaller and naturally darker colonial shutters are a great choice, they open completely to allow for maximum or minimum light to flood the space. Rooms that are already relatively light and need a bit of privacy, plantation shutters block out more light, but can be opened when necessary for additional sun.

Shutters add significant value to any home and even if you are not intent on selling the home in the near future, shutters make homes sparkle with style and finesse. Homeowners interested in selling their home should consider the investment; beautiful window treatments throughout the home is a significant draw to perspective buyers. Shutters also make rooms look more finished; meaning the new owner will have the perception of a ‘ready to move into home’. No matter what your motive, installing shutters in every room of the home, including children’s rooms, will enhance the appearance and functionality of the home.


Remodeling 101: Interior Shutters (Remodelista Article)

What happens when a new homeowner with an aversion to window coverings moves into a period flat in London adorned with shutters? Read more...

The Luxurious Mirage Super Yacht

Here at the New England Shutter Company, we are privileged to work with leading interior designers around the world on an array of breathtaking projects. One of our most memorable projects saw our bespoke shutters transform the interior of a luxury yacht into an award-winning living space.

Working with Design Unlimited, an innovative yacht design studio, we designed and custom manufactured these stunning Faux Leather ‘Baby Ostrich Putty’ Manhattan shutters with custom sized stiles and shaped corners to match the unique detailing on the yacht windows.

The MIRAGE’s exceptional refit by Design Unlimited was highly commended at the World Superyacht Awards 2016 after winning up the coveted Neptune trophy in the Refitted Yachts category.

Browse through our gallery and see how a set of stylish shutters can transform any living space.

Images of MY Mirage are courtesy of Design Unlimited.


The White Collection- Now 35% OFF

Our White Collection is an affordable, luxury alternative to mass-produced composite wood or MDF shutters. Creating a chic and classic feel to any space, our White Collection will enhance the feeling of a lighter and more spacious room, transforming the style of any build throughout the year, while allowing maximum privacy.

Our entry level shutter range is now offered at 35% off the shutter cost so you can still create your perfect interior at a very attractive price.

We offer three bespoke TNESC colours and three blade sizes. All White Collection shutters come with a 5 year guarantee.

Visit our White Collection page for further information.

Games Room in the West End

Our stunning faux leather shutters offer a striking and elegant finishing touch to this newly designed Games Room in Mayfair. Shown here in “Baby Ostrich Taupe”, our client chose the Manhattan shutter design for a contemporary look.

Exclusive to The New England Shutter Company, faux leather and suede covered shutters are hand stitched by our highly skilled craftsmen. Our solid tulip wood shutters are covered using a fabric called Majilite™, which is UV stable and does not fade or stretch as real leather might.

Browse through our gallery to see the extensive range of colours and textures that we have available in faux suede and faux leather.

Shutters in Monaco

We met with a London designer whose private client in Monaco had a specific brief for Sliding Track Shutters. The owner requested maximum client privacy in their dining/bar area and beauty spa/salon for their exclusive members-only club. Their vision was to create the appearance that the shutters were floating, albeit suspended on metal arms… a new endeavour for The New England Shutter Company.

Nick flew to Monaco for the day to measure on site. He designed the bespoke aluminium metal arms and supplied tracking to create a truly unique look for our Manhattan style shutters. The large shutters stiles were customised at 42mm x 90mm, so the depth of the stile matched the width of the blades (89mm). In essence, this created a ‘frame’ around the sliding panels. At the request of the client, we customised their paint colour using ‘fire retardant paint’.

Browse through our gallery and see how a set of stylish shutters can transform any commercial space.

Sloane Street Shutters

We recently designed and installed these bespoke shutters in an exclusive office development in Sloane Street. The stunning space is to be a gymnasium, library, treatment rooms and coffee shop with a ‘club’ style. These dark brown distressed faux leather panels work perfectly with the distressed wooden floors and some classic leather gym equipment to create the look.

The owners requested screening to ensure their staff have privacy from passers-by on the street, our director Nick worked closely with the client to create the ideal solution. The shutters are huge fixed panels which required special hoists to lift them into place. The unusual 175mm blades are fixed in a down position and the stiles and rails (the framing) are 100mm square box sections. The panels are resting on the floor, held in place with strong hooks attached to the walls.

Creating A Beautiful Bay Window

One of the beautiful things about having bay windows is the light and airy environment that they create. Yet, with their angled structure and large areas of glass, your living space becomes more exposed and they can seem challenging to dress.

With our design expertise and highly skilled fitters, we work with our clients to create the perfect set of custom shutters for their home.

We recently installed these classic White Collections Shutters for a client in West London. The client chose to have flat stiles with no moulding detail, with 89mm blades, in a Bright White paint colour.

While the shutters look stylish and chic, this shutter configuration is quite unusual as the widths of the panels are different across the bay and follow the line of the window glazing bar. This provides more versatility to open the middle panels and fold them back when desired.

The effect is simple and clean, with an elegant, traditional feel that also allows our client to control the level of light and privacy in their home.

Get your free estimate for White Collection Shutters today.

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