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How to Choose the Right Bedroom Shutters for Your Children’s Room

The right décor for individual rooms of a home is essential to make the space unique and allow everyone to feel comfortable within. Furnishings, flooring, paint, and miscellaneous objects throughout a home are all a significant part of a cohesive décor, but window treatments should never be an afterthought. Where curtains and blinds do have their place, the most attractive and practical option for any window is shutters. They provide light when necessary as well as privacy and bringing a fresh, updated look to any room.

Although most homeowners focus their primary attention on the main living space of their homes for specialised window treatments such as shutters, special attention should also be given to children’s rooms. A child’s room is ideally a relaxing special room personalised to them; a place to recharge and rest for the next day ahead. But there is nothing to say, the room should not be anchored by a beautiful set of bedroom shutters. Here are some tips for choosing the right shutters for your child’s room:


A child’s room will never be the most ‘spic and span’ room in the entire house. By the pure nature of little ones that grow into larger ones, they have the tendency to add their own personal art to furniture, walls, carpets and anything that gets in the way of little hands with pots of paint! Even when grown up most children never really understand the concept of cleaning up and being tidy. Naturally it’s up to the parents to ensure that the cleaning details are taken care of, so when considering window dressing and treatment shutters provide the ideal minimum clean and maintenance option. Shutters remain beautiful and just as easy to clean as standard windows.

If your home’s décor calls for real shutters and you want to maintain the same effect in a child’s room, shutters are available in a variety of different finishes and styles to make cleaning easy. The smooth finishes on the shutters allow for an easy wipe over.

We recommend using a good quality feather duster to ‘flick’ along the blades from back to front to remove any accumulated dust. Should any marks appear on painted shutters use a very slightly damp soft cloth to remove the mark and then dry off any residual moisture with a dry lint-free cloth. We do not recommend using any sort of furniture polish or cleaning solution on any of our shutters.

Blackout blinds can also be supplied with our shutters for total block of light if needed in a nursery for example.

Orientation of the Room

Shutters come in a range of styles and finishes that fit perfectly with a wide variety of interior design, but the interior is not the only aspect a homeowner should be concerned with. Consistency on the outside of a home is just as important. The front of a home facing the street should have a consistent pallet of shutters in every window for optimal visual appeal. Should the child’s room face this direction, it is best to start with the child’s room to get the right shutters and then utilize the same format across the home. Provided the room faces an opposite direction, a little inconsistency will be less noticeable from the outside.


It is relatively easy to choose shutters that work within the rest of the home, but a child’s room is rather unique in its décor. It is not merely about the furnishings, but the mere fact that a child’s room regularly changes throughout their life. You do not want to have to change shutters each time your child comes up with a new colour scheme for their room, choosing a neutral color that works best with a wide variety of colour schemes and tones will be the best solution. Due to most children being drawn to bright, vibrant hues, it might be in the best interest of the room to stick to standard white shutters or light shades in pastels which will contrast well with pops of bright accent colours.


The rest of the home might be relatively quiet and undisturbed, but children’s rooms tend to be the area of a home that are prone to more accidents. Investing in cheap constructed shutters might seem like the best option, but the materials are often flimsy and break very easily. Take the time to invest in top quality shutters for the room. This will allow for less breakage from rough play and the quality wood shutters maintain their beauty for many years where simply blinds or imitation shutters degrade quickly.

Think of Light

How much light you want in the room is the true question. For rooms that are smaller and naturally darker colonial shutters are a great choice, they open completely to allow for maximum or minimum light to flood the space. Rooms that are already relatively light and need a bit of privacy, plantation shutters block out more light, but can be opened when necessary for additional sun.

Shutters add significant value to any home and even if you are not intent on selling the home in the near future, shutters make homes sparkle with style and finesse. Homeowners interested in selling their home should consider the investment; beautiful window treatments throughout the home is a significant draw to perspective buyers. Shutters also make rooms look more finished; meaning the new owner will have the perception of a ‘ready to move into home’. No matter what your motive, installing shutters in every room of the home, including children’s rooms, will enhance the appearance and functionality of the home.