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25% off The White Collection
25% off The White Collection


A Distinctive ‘Hands On’ Approach

Since opening our own joinery factory in 2002 in Dubai, all New England shutters are custom made using only the finest grade timbers sourced from environmentally responsible suppliers.

With nearly 640 combined years of carpentry experience, we employ forty-five carpenters, machine operators, tailors and painters in the factory, along with an accountant and our factory manager, Rajesh.

A “Hands On” approach is critical to the quality control element of our customised manufacturing process. It allows for a close inspection to ensure the finest finish which can only be felt by hand.

We are the only company that can vary every element within the design of the shutter, from; blade size, distance between the blades, rail and side stile sizes, to the depth and height of the midrail. This flexibility allows us to truly customise the manufacturing process and design a shutter that is made to fit, not made to measure.

 Watch our manufacturing video for an exclusive insight in to our joinery workshop.


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