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25% off The White Collection
25% off The White Collection


How to Decide on the Best Shutters for your Home

Over recent years it seems that bespoke interior shutters are becoming increasingly popular, with many people preferring the convenience and style of shutters over traditional window coverings such as curtains and blinds. Not only do made-to-measure shutters look great, with a myriad of colours and styles available, but they also have a wide range of other benefits that can improve the functionality of your home.

Internal shutters hold numerous benefits. The most obvious benefit must be their ability to block out excess noise and light as well as increasing the level of privacy and security in your home. Additionally, interior shutters will help to improve both insulation and ventilation in a property; this will help to keep your home warmer in the winter months, locking in warmth and preventing the loss of heat through windows. Similarly, shutters have their benefits in the summer season, allowing a flow of air throughout your home while still maintaining a level of privacy, the ability to adjust the amount of direct sunlight into your room and of course security, which you would not have with an open window, curtains, or blinds.

In addition to practical benefits, interior shutters can be the perfect stylish finishing touch to your home’s interior; a beautiful complement to a variety of décor aesthetics. With a bespoke shutter service, you have an even wider choice of styles; such as traditional Café shutters covering just the lower part of your windows through to full height, solid panels. There are a variety of finishes and textures also offered for your shutters too; from natural woods, paint finishes, fabric panels and even faux leather or suede coverings, you can complete your home with a truly unique and personal touch.

Your shutters can be as individual to you as your home.


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