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25% off The White Collection
25% off The White Collection


Shutter Shades in the Summer Sun

Now that the summer is finally here, we can enjoy long days in the sunshine. However, sleeping in the heat can be difficult. Wooden window shutters can provide much-needed shade during the day and help to keep the temperature down at night.

The New England Shutter Company wooden shutters can help you to stay cool in the heat in a number of ways:

  • Insulation – Wood is a natural insulator due to the air pockets within its cellular structure and therefore creates a natural barrier to both heat and cold.
  • Blocking out the sun – when closed, our shutters prevent the rays of the sun waking you up early, and also reflect rays away, reducing the amount of heat and harsh light entering the room early in the morning.
  • Shade – by positioning the blades, you can angle the sun away from where you are sitting or working and cut down on the heat entering your room.
  • Prevent Fading – the blades have a UV filter built in to prevent the wood colour or paint fading, but directing them away from furniture and flooring also means that you can prevent fading in the harsh rays.
  • Ventilation – although the louvers can be angled to prevent sun entering it still allows the air to flow freely through them, letting what little breeze there is in to circulate and cool the room.

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