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25% off The White Collection


Six benefits of Wooden Shutters

When it comes to window fixtures, shutters provide a more permanent solution to the interior space. Luxury wooden shutters can add tremendous depth and character to space, giving even the quaintest of spaces a feeling of modern design and décor. If you are wondering whether to purchase wooden shutters, here are some key benefits to consider.

Number One: Light Control

Louvers can be adjusted on various shutters to regulate the angle and the amount of light which enters a room. As the sun’s position changes throughout the day, this feature is a huge benefit. While some other options provide a slight means of light control and adjustments, the denser material and thicker design of a high standard shutter offers a little more precision.

Maximise Light Shutters

Number Two: Allergen Reducer

Typically, window fixtures are soft or thin. Cloth, especially, is a culprit for housing dust and other allergens on the surface. As the material is not easily cleaned, and in most cases is not daily maintained to free the surface from dust and allergens, those who have cloth or soft surfaces are more prone to see allergen related issues.

Wooden shutters are easily cleaned because of their solid surface and durability. Non-abrasive cloths or a feather duster can easily maintain a room’s shutters, thus reducing the level of allergens in any given space. It is best to dust regularly to keep the grains and the vibrancy of the wood at it best. Check with the manufacturer if you have any questions about the best means of maintenance and servicing of your wooden shutters.

Number Three: Timeless

Blinds and some other means of window treatments shift in purpose and design. Yet, for hundreds of years, shutters have been used without being considered dated and out of fashion. The simple but effective design of the shutter is timeless, meaning that if you invest in luxury wooden shutters today, your less likely to want to update them in a few years. Granted, there are selections which are catered to current trends which may see a bit of fluctuation in the demand. However, even these stand the test of time.

Number Four: Longevity

Compared to plastics and synthetics, wooden shutters offer a higher longevity. Wood, when properly maintained and treated, will last for the duration of the home. This is different from blinds and cloth which would, over the course of a few months to a few years, require that the owner replace them. Additionally, due to the manner in which the wooden shutter is constructed, the day to day wear and tear on the shutter is less likely to decrease the longevity of them as they are built to endure such use.

Number Five: Design Continuity

One of the larger flaws with curtains and with blinds is that it is rather difficult to maintain a continuity between rooms. Due to the dimensional constraints of certain spaces, many times a homeowner, business, or renter will find that they must compromise to get a look and feel which is similar to another room. Luxury wooden shutters differ from the blinds and the curtains because they can be manufactured to meet the dimensions of any window. As such, all rooms within a given space can have the exact same design and aesthetics as adjoining rooms.

In addition to the size of the shutters available is the ability to match the design with existing elements of the space. The style and the stains which are available for wooden shutters are endless. Furthermore, many artisans allow for customisation of the shutter to meet certain demands. Even if you wish not to have the wooden look, but wish to paint the shutters, such can be accomplished, usually, for less then you would spend on interior designer curtains.

Number Six: Shutters add value to your home

Since wooden shutters are built to be a permanent fixture in the home, they could increase the value of the property. Firstly, the shutters provide protection to the glass of the window, something that insurers value highly. Secondly, the shutter is made from green materials in most cases, adding to the environmental consciousness of the home. Thirdly, shutters act as a thermal insulator to rooms, thereby adding to the comfort value of the home. Fourthly, the means of adjusting the slats of the shutter give the owner privacy while still controlling the light flow to the room. Finally, the consistency in the design gives value to the home as being a well thought out and executed interior design element to space.

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