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25% off The White Collection
25% off The White Collection


Why Are Loft Shutters Such a Popular Addition to Any Home?

Homes throughout the UK and the world have discovered that shutters are among the most practical and beautiful window treatments on the market today. Plantation, café, and conservatory shutters are showing up in homes of all styles. However, there is another sector of the shutter industry that is just now being brought into the light and becoming among the most popular style of shutters available. Loft shutters, or more commonly known as attic shutters, are utilised in attics and lofts for a variety of reasons, but here are some of the most common reasons why so many are turning to this style of window treatment.

Heat Control
Have you ever entered an attic only to discover that all heat from the outside is in the space? It can feel like a sauna, yet heating and cooling an attic seems to be a waste as the space is not always used. Controlling temperature with standard window treatments is not an option, but attic shutters enable you to control temperature with ease and without increasing monthly energy costs. With loft shutters in the attic space, your valuable and sensitive items will be safely tucked away without having to factor in excess heat on summer days or damaging cold in the winter. The shutters reflect heat from the sun’s rays and are easily opened to allow for a sun soaked space in the deep cold of the winter season.

Fit All Window Types
Standard blinds and window treatments are manufactured in standard sizes as they tend to be used on typical window sizes. Attics often have misshapen and oddly placed windows. As attics tend to be in the rafters of a structure, windows have to be fashioned into the structure of roofs as well. This can make using standard window treatments difficult as they are not meant to conform to such abnormal spaces. Loft shutters, however, offer an easy solution as these treatments can be customized to practically any size and style. It is simply a matter of measuring the window properly and ordering your ideal colour, shape, and style of loft shutter. It could not be easier.

Minimal Upkeep
Quite possibly the biggest draw to loft shutters is the fact that they can be virtually hung in a space and left alone without much consideration for upkeep. Standard window treatments must be brought down from time to time and washed or cleaned in some manner. Loft shutters need little more than a damp cloth from time to time to keep them looking just as beautiful as when they were first installed.

Some homeowners express concern over mould in attic areas making it difficult to maintain window treatments in those areas, but loft shutters wind out here as well. Depending on the material and finish placed on the shutters, they can be made to naturally resits mould from attaching making your attic an even safer place to enjoy.

Range of Colours
Attic spaces can be simply a place to store lesser used items, but more homeowners are utilizing these areas as additional rooms in their homes. Even though part of the attic may be used for storage, rooms are added to enhance the overall space in a home and provided much needed areas for guests or older kids to enjoy. Thus, loft shutters are available in a range of colours and styles to choose from. Whether the homeowner wants bold colours in the space or more muted tones, loft shutters are easily painted the correct hue. Ideally, with the changes in designs, most homeowners choose white shutters for their versatility and maximum temperature control attributes.

Natural Light
Attics are traditional dark dank spaces and apart from maybe one light in the space, there is little in the way of lighting options. Loft shutters provide lighting options that are not available with other window treatments. Opening the shutters allows the space to be flooded with natural light and in the event that privacy is in order, the shutters fit tightly together to keep prying eyes away from your stored away valuables.

Wooden Shutters are becoming among the top selling window treatments and it is no wonder as these window treatment options are more versatile than any other style. They provide light, temperature control, and look great in any room, even the attic. Take the time to examine your home and see if shutters will enhance the space. While fitting your other windows with their shutters, consider the attic as well. Attics are no longer simply wasted space or deep dark areas to store items away for good. They are an asset to the home and proper loft shutters adds value and beauty to the space.


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