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25% off The White Collection
25% off The White Collection


27th Sep 2017

Impressed with the Workmanship!

We are not only so pleased with the look of the shutters but also impressed with the workmanship. We were aware just how difficult the job would be on windows in an old house and this was made even harder by the unusual triangular shape of the side windows and the slightly irregular measurements of those windows.

It was obvious to me when Dave first came here that he was especially competent and would only do a job which would make him proud and I really wanted to accept your offer. They really do look wonderful and they move perfectly. Please thank Dave and James and also the person who painstakingly translated the measurements for the factory. He did a very good job!

A number of people have been forced to climb the stairs to admire them and everyone is impressed. As I’ve mentioned to Catherine we came into the office some months ago to ask about shutters for a holiday house in Norfolk. We think shutters would be the perfect solution to provide the necessary privacy and light!

With kind regards and thank you very much for all the team’s input. Everyone has been very helpful. With very best wishes, CP.