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25% off The White Collection


How to Create the Perfect Traditional Home Style

Interior design has been known to baffle more than a few homeowners and there are so many styles to choose from, the average novice designer can seem to get lost in the sheer magnitude of choices. The best thing to do is to choose a basic style and build upon it. Most homes respond well to traditional style as a general rule, so here are some tips on creating the perfect traditional style home to get the most from your design experience without the endless confusion.

Start with a Century
Traditional style tends to come from 18th Century England, but is also highly dedicated to the French countryside motif and into some exotic areas of the east. Although pieces do not have to be completely authentic, do a bit of research into the century as a starting point and pick pieces that closely match the style. This gives you a good base work from without becoming overly complicated by other forms of traditional design.

There are many traditional style fabrics available, but to be truly traditional, an emphasis on floral prints is a must. Flowers bring us closer to nature and therefore bring us back to a more traditional mindset. If you are uncomfortable with a total floral covered sofa or chair, simply implement the floral pattern in other ways such as throw pillows or even smaller accent chairs as opposed to the main furnishings. Subtle floral patterns in blues and greys work well as well instead of having a very imposing floral pattern on the main furniture, so never be taken away by the strict loud floral patterns some traditionalists insist on.

Colour Choices
Traditional colours are of course white, but also include hues of green and peach for the main colour pallet. Accent colours can include golds, tans, and bronze. These shades tend to bring a warm, homey feel to the room indicative of the traditional style. Consider warm wood tones for more of a natural, traditional look to space.

Window Treatments
So many options are available for window treatments within the traditional style spectrum of design from drapes and valances, but if you want a true traditional style, Victorian shutters are the answer. These shutters work perfectly with practically any form of design so even if you choose to change things up later down the line, you need not to worry about changing out the shutters. Victorian shutters come in a range of different colours to choose from, but white tends to be the optimal choice for its temperature control qualities as well as the fact that white works well with any other colour.

Thinking of Art
Art is a part of history that should never be forgotten. Think of walking through an 18th Century manor with beautiful tapestries and paintings depicting the life of the family and their artistic interests. Although today’s homes may not have the volume of art on the walls, it is still quite important to the traditional style. New tapestries and wall art are available in a mass-produced form to avoid the hefty expense of original pieces, but many local artists are available and willing to paint in the traditional style, so whichever way you go, you cannot go wrong.

Every home requires accessories and the traditional style home is no different. While shopping for accessories, take along pictures of traditionally styled homes as a reference. Many second-hand shops and most home stores will have traditional accessories to complete the furnishing process of your traditional home. The traditional style is all about comfort, but the accessories used within the design feature a bit of glitter as well. Silver candlesticks, vases, and even crystal chandeliers, if you have space, are key points in the traditional accessory design.

Your home is supposed to be a comfortable place to relax and occasionally, entertain friends. When designing in the traditional manner, never forget the need for comfort. The most beautiful, traditional sofa and chairs, must also be inviting and comfortable for guests. From floral patterns to ornate accessories and onto Victorian shutters, the traditionally styled home is within your grasp and even if you are not a professional designer, you can have the traditional interior design you have always wanted by following these simple guidelines. Happy designing!

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