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25% off The White Collection


How to Pick the Perfect Café Style Shutters

Throughout your home, specific choices for furnishings and décor can either add or take away from interior design features. Although most of a home’s living space will be taken up by stand alone or fitted furniture, flooring coverings and soft furnishings, attention to our windows is often overlooked. However, windows speak volumes both from the exterior and interior, homeowners can add untold value to their home simply by putting focus and effort into their window treatment options.

Traditionally, windows utilise curtains or possibly blinds to block out the sun, but there is far more choice now available for windows than these simple functional options. Shutters have proven to be the ideal solution for any home as they can be adapted to fit a range of styles and are known for increasing visual impact and appeal for perspective home buyers. Even if you are not solely intent on selling your home, a stunning option could be café style shutters for your windows. Here are some tips to ensure that you get the exact look you want when picking out your new shutters.

Measure Properly

Café style shutters do not come in a ‘one size fits all’ variety. They are built specifically for each individual window and therefore measuring is key to getting the right look. Only the bottom portion of the window needs to be measured as this is where the shutters cover. Proper measuring requires noting down the width and height whilst also accounting for the frame of the window itself. Make certain that you use an accurate measuring device and measure everything at least twice. Write down the measurements and do not simply rely on your memory when going to your shutter showroom.

Pick Colours Carefully

It is relatively easy to pick out a colour for your new café style shutters, but there is much more to consider than simply what shade works best with your current décor. Where a stylish unique colour might bring interest to your space, it does not mean it will add any value to the look. Neutral colours are more appealing to a wider range of interior designs. Whether you intend on living in your home forever or looking to sell in a few years, you will appreciate the fact that a neutral colour palette will work with changing décor and without having to replace your shutters. A stunning set of beautiful coloured shutters will also bring in more interest as potential buyers will better be able to match their décor choice to the shutters. They will also not have to contend with installing shutters themselves, so the appeal is quite substantial.

Think of Texture and Materials

Most people are under the misconception that café style shutters simply come in one finish and texture. This might have been the case a few years ago before designers started experimenting with various textures, but not any longer. Café style shutters come in as many colours, textures and finishes as any other style shutter; standard wood grain finishes are of course an ever-popular choice, but also buyers can choose from finishes such as faux leather or suede. Many of these new types of finishes add an additional luxurious feel to the space, so they are certainly something to consider.

The Room Itself

As with all forms of shutters, café style shutters require consideration for the orientation of the room in relation to the sun. An easterly facing room will catch more sunlight during the morning and a westerly facing room will bring in sunlight in the evening.  North and south facing rooms face similar issues, but with a north facing room the space will maintain less light during the day. A southern exposure will gain access to light throughout the day and therefore may require more attention to the colour and material used for the shutters.

Pairing with Other Treatments

The option of pairing café style shutters with curtains brings a softer appeal to any room. It provides alternatives for when the sun is simply too much without taking away the appeal of the shutters. When pairing these two items, make sure that the curb appeal of your home is not affected. From the outside, rooms facing the same direction should always have similar colours and styles of window treatments.

Café style shutters are beautiful and add interest to any home. Whether viewing them from the inside or the outside, they bring and an old world traditional style to the home and add a distinct character to any home.  So, if you are looking to add value to your house, café style shutters are the way to go. Shutters last longer than standard blinds or even curtains and can be made to measure for any window space.

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