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25% off The White Collection


How to Pick the Right Wooden Tier on Tier Shutters for Your Home

A homeowner has many things to think about when investing time and money into the appearance of their homes. It can be a confusing task for even an experienced designer to choose just the right features to bring out the personality and charm of the home, but again and again, both novice and professional designers are discovering the masterful versatility of wooden tier on tier shutters and if you want to get the most from your home design, here are some tips to help you pick the right wood shutters for your home.

Your Desires
The only true opinion that matters in home design is the homeowner. Where there should always be a consideration for the comfort of guests, the homeowner and their family will be occupying the space for the life of the home, so always first consider what you truly want. Tier on Tier shutters have proven to be an ideal choice for most homes due to their maximum versatility. Whether the home is more of a contemporary style of traditional ambience, these shutters make for the perfect accompaniment.

Colour Scheme
Pairing colours together properly can sometimes be a challenge for the average homeowner. Unless your background education and experience within the interior design field, it is likely that the subtle nuances of colour go unnoticed making it difficult to bring a room together in a professional manner. Not to fear, tier on tier shutters are versatile with many colours to choose from. Most homeowners, however tend to choose white as it brings more of a blank slate to the room utilizing the shutters as a backdrop for optimal design possibilities.

Orientation to the Sun
Windows are meant to bring in light to a home, but with the light also comes significant heat from the sun. Southern exposure windows carry more risk of making rooms a hot spot in the house during the deep summer months as they maintain some form of sunlight throughout the day. Western facing rooms maintain light during the evening and eastern facing rooms get sun during the morning. Before choosing your tier on tier shutters, take some time to determine the orientation to the sun and therefore the level of sunlight the room receives.

Rooms where significant sunlight might become a problem tight fitting tier on tier shutters can be an ideal window treatment. Not only do they provide an exceptional backdrop for any décor, they also work to reduce heat in a room while providing optimal light and privacy depending on the needs of the space.

Customisation Needs
Tier on tier shutters come in a range of different sizes to accommodate windows of all styles. Some styles can be purchased premade for common window sizes, but with so many different styles and window sizes on the market today, some shutters will have to be custom ordered for the proper fit. Before ordering be sure to measure your windows twice and write everything down so there are no issues with any customised tier on tier shutter needs.

Outside Looking In
There is much to consider from the interior of a home when thinking about tier on tier shutters, but it is also of great importance that the homeowner takes some time to examine the exterior of their home and find the right style to fit with curb appeal. Take into account the other homes in the area and choose shutters that fit well with both the style of home and neighbourhood you live in. It might sound like a small thing, but your home’s appearance from the outside is what people see first and those not entering your home will have a better impression of you as a person if your home’s appearance is top notch. This concept will also help with potential resale value in the event you choose to sell the home at any time.

Tier on tier shutters are one of the best ways to add value and increase that appeal of your home. No matter the colour scheme, style, or even the size of a room, the perfect shutters can be found. For optimal privacy, beauty, and temperature control choose tier on tier shutters for your home for a lasting impression that will be with you for the life of the home.

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