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25% off The White Collection


The Perfect Guide to Buying Bathroom Shutters

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. It’s the room second only to the kitchen in which homeowners are prepared to spend the most when redecorating and renovating their current home. Statistically speaking, it is the most used room in any home and with so much time spent there, it is essential to find the right bathroom shutters for the space. This guide will help you choose the right shutters and make your bathroom just as beautiful as the rest of your home.

Window size

The size of bathroom windows varies greatly of course depending on where you live and the style or age of the home. Windows within a property found in a city location are generally more for utility use and therefore tend to be smaller. The design of smaller windows within a city environment simply makes more sense for privacy purposes. The height of the window will be quite important when choosing what shutters to purchase.

Window size is also an important thing to know when you head to the showroom to view and purchase shutters for the space. Measure the window at least twice before heading out. Shutters are not sold in a way that you will be able to guess or estimate the size. The specific size will allow the showroom sales person to advise you on the best style and number of panels. A tall but narrow window could have one large shutter which will make the room feel larger. Short, but wide windows, will be best suited to having multiple thinner panels in order to enhance the window opening. Square windows benefit from having 3 narrow shutter panels which gives the illusion of greater window height.

Shutter material

The material the shutter is made from is generally the top priority on your shopping list, but in the case of a bathroom, special consideration of the material should be carefully thought out. Bathrooms hold a significant amount of moisture which can lead to mould and mildew. Absorbent materials such as wood and some natural composites can soak up moisture and compromise the integrity of the shutters.

Today, shutters are made from many differing materials, so the homeowner has more choice. The standard and most popular option for bathroom shutters is simple vinyl materials, but these can look cheap and uninviting. Granted they are mould resistant but are not always an attractive option. It is extremely important to ensure that you highlight to the person selling you shutters that they are going to be used in a bathroom environment. They will know the right materials and finishes and may even be able to point you in the direction of stylish wooden shutters, such as cedar wood, which have been properly stained, or painted and sealed to resist any moisture.

Style of the bathroom

Bathroom shutters are much more than just a way to provide ample privacy to the room. They not only reflect the age or period of the home but also project the style and individual personality of the home owner. Bathrooms have become more and more stylish throughout the years and having an ‘on trend’ bathroom with standard shutters is no way to showcase your newly designed and made over bathroom to any guests.

Spend time and choose wisely on what really suits your home or the style you wish to portray in your bathroom. For a classic timeless style consider calming colours such as off white, greys, or natural woods, are all easy to work with when you may decide in the future on a fresh coat of paint or accessory colour change.

For more of a contemporary or trending style, consider faux leather covered shutters, these will not only create a statement but be the envy of all who see them. If perhaps something not too bold is more favourable to you then the true white shutter is perfect to complement any space. The shutters should of course look good on the inside and seamlessly fit with the interior decor but also must have a good appearance from the outside so as not to clash with the exterior style as well when fully closed.

Bathroom Shutters


Like most home furnishings, shutters vary in price depending on brand, style, and the materials used to make them. Before heading out to the showrooms to purchase your new bathroom shutters, understand your maximum budget for the project. Although you do not want to completely spend your entire redecorating budget with the cost of the shutters, you will want to devote a significant amount to ensure that you can select the highest quality shutters that will be a good invest for the future.


With the bathroom being used more than any other, the shutters chosen will need to be durable enough to stand up to rigorous use. Shutters which are found in the lower end of the cost spectrum will clearly save budget and be less outlay initially in the short term. However, often these shutters show much more wear and tear earlier on in their lifespan and therefore must be replaced sooner. Taking the time to buy durable shutters made from the best materials with quality fixings will provide you with a greater longevity of the product and maintain the expected style without having to constantly change them out. Properly maintained solid wood shutters in any room can last for many years, so the more durable the shutters, the happier the homeowner will be.

Buying shutters for a bathroom on a whim is not a very practical idea. When shopping, take pictures of your windows and overall bathroom to ensure that you get the right shutters for the expected look. The salesperson will be a great help to assist in giving advice when looking for a specific style and will be able to advise the best solution for all factors of the bathroom. It might also be a good idea to take pictures of the exterior of your home to ensure that nothing clashes there as well. The right shutters in the bathroom can add significant value to any home.