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25% off The White Collection
25% off The White Collection


Why are our solid wooden shutters such a popular choice?

When choosing window treatments there are so many options to choose from. Budget blinds, curtains and drapes make up the majority of the window treatment market but more homeowners are finding ingrained value in wooden shutters. This is not just a passing fad as with some window treatment options but an ongoing tradition in homes all over the world. There are many reasons for choosing wooden shutters over other options abound and here are some key reasons why more homeowners are investing in the beautifully crafted and timeless wooden shutters.

Range of Styles

When you think of wooden shutters a novice might simply think of vast amounts of wooden slats covering windows but wooden shutters have come a long way in the style department. Amongst the more popular styles are plantation shutters which have a more traditional approach but other shutter types are available as well. Conservatory shutters can be fully customized to any space and placed on standard windows or even skylights and café shutters provide a clear sight above with a cute shutter style on the bottom window just as you would see at a café. Attic and loft shutters are also another option and as the years press on there are more styles are coming to the market. The possibilities are endless.


Styles change with almost every decade and when that happens interior components must change with the times. That usually means a new living room suite, flooring or other forms of furnishings within the home. If you have standard blinds or curtains that also means these must change to work appropriately with your home’s new décor. However, this is not the case when investing in wooden shutters.

Wooden shutters are versatile and work with practically every type of home décor. They are also timeless treasures that maintain their value and appearance. When properly cared for, shutters can last through multiple families and style preferences without the need for refurbishing apart from a small paint touchup here and there.

Variety of Colours

The first thing that a person will see when entering a home is the amount of colour in the space. Adding colour to a home is sometimes easier said than done with novice interior decorators. The right colours and textures on furniture can bring a room together beautifully and your wooden shutters can help with that.

If you are new to the wooden shutter world, you may only believe that shutters come in wood finishes. Where these finishes are available and quite popular amongst homeowners they are not the only ones. Wooden shutters are available in practically every colour of the rainbow as well as various textures. Simple painted wooden shutters look exceptional in any room, but for a more updated and modern appearance, many homeowners are now investing in newer styles of wood shutters maintaining faux leather finishes giving them that added feeling of luxury.

Adds Value

Certain aspects of any home will add or detract from its overall value. Any homeowner would do well to invest in features that add to the value of their home even if they do not intend on selling the house. The main benefit of wooden shutters is that they are one of the main aspects that add value. When a potential homeowner enters a home they will look at different areas to determine its overall value. Homes that have wooden shutters already installed hold more value to potential buyers as the new owner will not have to invest in window treatments themselves making the transition into the new home a lot easier.

If you are a homeowner and are thinking of how wooden shutters will add value to your home consider this, your home is where you should feel most comfortable and wooden shutters will help you achieve that more so than standard blinds and drapes so please contact us today and let us assess your needs and get the wooden shutters that are right for you and your home.

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