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25% off The White Collection


Why Tier on Tier Wooden Shutters are Right for Any Style Home

Wooden shutters add a beautiful focal point to any home. They provide privacy while also letting the light in, but some homeowners are under the misconception that all shutters are the same. This is simply not true. You are most likely to have heard of both plantation and colonial style shutters, but tier on tier shutters are becoming more and more popular with interior designers and homeowners everywhere. Here are just some of the reasons why these amazing shutters work with any style home.

Optimal Privacy Control

One of the biggest attributes of wood shutters the ability they provide in allowing complete control of your privacy. Tier on tier shutters go even further with this concept. Instead of controlling the entire window, homeowners can choose to open the upper or lower shutters depending on how much privacy they desire. An equally ideal window solution for detached residential houses as well as apartment living where privacy can be a challenge.

Tier on tier shutters are especially helpful at night when privacy is upmost in our minds. The bottom shutters can be closed whilst the top stays open to still allow in the natural moonlight, again without interrupting a need for privacy.

Light at its Best

A well-lit room is a comfortable room, but sometimes, an overabundance of light can be a bad thing. Controlling light in your room is just as important as your privacy, shutters in general are wonderful at doing this and tier on tier shutters even more so. One of the significant advantages over standard shutter styles is the split design; direct sunlight as well as indirect light is controllable. Opening the top tier provides ample direct light whilst shutting it and opening the bottom half provides ample light without the blinding effects of direct sunlight.


If we all lived in the exact same style of house, life would be remarkably boring. Homes reflect individuality on the interior as well as exterior design. Windows are just as versatile as the homes they provide light for, so tier on tier shutters are designed in just as many customisable options. The homeowner need simply to measure the windows and choose a design style and finish that fits with the interior décor. Even if your home maintains an unusually shaped window which may present difficulties to fit with standard shutter options, tier on tier shutters can be custom built from the smallest window all the way up to the largest.

Variable Styles

Often, window treatments are entirely dependent upon the home’s décor. Some options do not work with a traditional style, while others do not look right in a modern styled home. Shutters are always a versatile option and tier on tier shutters take the concept to the ultimate level as these shutters work well in all forms of homes from traditional, to modern, to eclectic styles. There is no limit to what you can achieve with beautifully styled tier on tier shutters. Age, style, or décor have little bearing on your ability to fit a home with exceptionally designed shutters of this nature.

Easy to Clean

Homes can get cluttered quickly and the ability to easily clean window treatments is essential. A dusty set of shutters can bring down the bright décor of a space and make a room look dated and uninviting. Wood shutters such as tier on tier shutters are easy to clean. They can be wiped down with either a slightly damp cloth or a good quality feather duster to ‘flick’ along the blades from back to front to remove any accumulated dust.

The fact that the shutters open easily and can even in some cases be completely taken out of the frames to clean effectively is another key feature.

Add Value

Homeowners throughout the world look for ways to add value to their homes. Where most estate agents will agree that having a well-designed bathroom and kitchen are significant ways to add value to the home, they would also say that tier on tier shutters add value. When the home is viewed by potential buyers, they will be able to visualise more of the space and have direction on how they can design a specific room using the shutters as an anchor point. Potential buyers will be equally drawn to the fact that they will not have to invest in window treatments should they purchase the home. Less to think about for post purchase expenses!

Tier on tier shutters make any room the star of a home and the exceptional quality they bring will make a homeowner the envy of any neighborhood. Take the time to examine your home and consider the many advantages to installing tier on tier shutters today.

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