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25% off The White Collection


Why Victorian Shutters are Making a Comeback

Home design has gone through many different trends over the year, but one era that is greatly making a comeback recently is the Victorian era. Beautiful patterns and designs were used wildly throughout homes during this period and as a nod to this trend, Victorian Shutters are becoming all the rage. Here are just a few reasons why Victorian Shutters are making a comeback in 2019.

Stunning Design
Design is no longer about simply putting in functional furniture and hoping it all works together. Today’s homeowner is focused on having magazine quality design in every portion of their home. This is especially true with window treatments. Victorian Shutters are replacing tired worn out drapes and blinds for a highly functional and stunning appearance. The beauty of Victorian Shutters is that their design quality is evident on the inside of the home as well as from the outside, so it is a win win.

A Range of Colours
Today’s consumer loves choices. This notion has been taken to new heights within the Victorian Shutter industry with the availability to get practically any shutter colour. Colours range light, bright pastels, all the way to vivid hues spanning the rainbow. Options for wood grain are available as well for a more rustic look to the space, as in an office setting. Victorian shutters can also be found in various textures such as faux leather, but an updated, luxurious appearance to any room. No matter which is chosen, the result is a stunning backdrop for an array of design options.

Adding Value
Finding ways to add value to your home is important for the homeowner as well as any potential buyers for the house. For those looking to sell their home, Victorian Shutters can add substantial value and push potential buyers over the edge in their decision to purchase. Buyers look for different aspects of a home to determine a sale. It is said that beautiful bathrooms and kitchens will sell a home, but the same level of value can be added with Victorian Shutters. These remarkably designed window treatments are visually appealing and also prove to the buyer that they will not have to invest in window treatments reducing their overall move in costs should they purchase the property.

Temperature Control
Windows are necessary in homes to provide natural light to the interior, but with that light often comes additional heat or cold from the outside. Cooling and heating a home without adequate window treatments is expensive. Victorian shutters are not simply pretty. They also offer a reduction in your overall heating and cooling costs. On average, a homeowner will notice a 17% reduction in utility costs annually from installing Victorian Shutters. That can be substantial savings over the lifetime of your home.

Save the Furnishings
The sun’s rays feel wonderful when they are pouring in through your open windows, but too much sun can have a negative affect on your home’s furniture. The sun’s rays bleach out fabrics and make furnishings look older than what they actually are. The solution for this issue is Victorian Shutters. With perfectly installed Victorian Shutters, you can let in the light you need without an overexposure. It is ideal for anyone who spends time away from the home. The shutters can be closed off for optimal furniture protection while no one is in the home.

Privacy is important and unless you live way out away from any neighbors, you need your privacy. With Victorian Shutters, privacy is there when you want it. Victorian Shutters span the entire height and width of the window, so there are no gaps for those outside to look in when the shutters are closed. Privacy and security in one epic package.

The decision to upgrade your current window treatments to Victorian Window Shutters is a wise one. From adding value to style to optimal privacy, you get it all. Take the time to examine your home and invest in Quality Victorian Shutters today. It is an investment in your home’s future and your overall happiness. The popularity of Victorian Shutters is on the rise, and you can enjoy all their benefits for yourself.