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25% off The White Collection


Wooden shutters make a healthy home

If you have never had wooden shutters on your home, then you may not know the benefits of ownership. And while there are aesthetic reasons for having wooden shutters on your house, there are also some functional and economic reasons for choosing wooden shutters, such as an increase in the equity of your home. With today’s designs and variety, any homeowner can implement them into their interior design. Wooden shutters make a healthy home, and here is why.


When it comes to the health of your home, security is one of the top factors. Wooden shutters offer a means of maximising the privacy of your home while not diminishing the interior design. The shutters are designed so that you can look out of the window, open the shutters for a full view of the area outside, while not allowing prying eyes to investigate the space when the wooden shutters are closed. A home which does not have the contents displayed to would be prowlers is less apt to be robbed. Per an outdoor living article by Alex Kuchel, shutters are a preventive measure and not a reactive measure. Unlike an alarm that trips only when there is a break in, shutters make it difficult to gauge the contents of the home, hence deterring any break-ins.

Weather Deterrent

While we cannot control the weather or the natural elements, we can protect the health of our home with wooden shutters. Wooden shutters deter harmful weather in several ways. Firstly, the shutters act as a barrier from harsh winds. This is extremely helpful in areas where there may be storms or torrential winds. The shutters take much of the blow from these damaging events, preventing glass breakage and, consequently, damage to the interior of the home.

When the weather is mild with light rains, the shutters re-route water away from the window and foundation, helping to minimise erosion and water damage to the structure of the house. On sunny days, the shutters can work alongside the UV resistant glass of the windows to lower the probability of fading to photographs, damage to TVs and computer screens from sunlight, and control the temperature of the interior space.

Controlling the light

Not just exterior light plays to the health of the home. Ambient lighting contributes to the overall mood of the house. And while you may not see this as part of the health of the home, it is. A room whose lighting is less than ideal is apt to become a room which is neglected. No one wants to sit in a chair that consistently has a glare from light.

Wooden Shutters add longevity to the home

Well-constructed wooden objects tend to last a long time. With modern technology and construction methods, the wooden shutters of today are apt to outlast the homeowner. And, as wooden shutters could be custom made to fit any window, there is no reason that the home cannot have the continuity between the shutters in one room and the shutters in another. Comparatively, plastic and metal window shutters do not have the same longevity or customization as the wooden shutter. Often, plastic shutters will bend and break in mere months, especially if the shutters are installed in a zone which has higher temperatures (as plastics, regardless of the construction are susceptible to becoming pliable with sunlight).

Wooden shutters have the longevity, the customization, and the functionality that make them ideal for any house. Therefore, homes which have wooden shutters will appraise for more than houses which do not. Wooden shutters are considered a permanent upgrade/renovation to the interior space while plastic blinds are only a temporary aesthetical change.

Easier Maintenance and Cleaning

Apart from the structure and the functionality of the wooden shutter, the health of your home can be increased due to their easy to clean and maintain design. When you have cloth blinds, you should wash the cloth periodically to remove dust and other unwanted debris from them. Yet, often this does not occur. Plastic blinds are often neglected, not because we do not wish to clean them, but rather because they are so flimsy that we are afraid that we will break them. At most, they get dusted, but still, that is not enough to minimize air toxins and debris which can nest on them.

Wooden shutters are very easy to maintain and clean. Some wooden shutters even allow you the ability to remove panels for easier cleaning and maintenance.

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