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25% off The White Collection



Why is Everyone Picking Wooden Shutters in 2020?

2020 is finally here and as you are settling in with your New Year’s resolutions, it may be time to change much more than getting fit and healthy. Now is the time to invest in new window treatments for your home and what better way to show off your style for the new year than with beautiful wooden shutters. Why is everyone picking wooden shutters in 2020? Here are just a few reasons.

Modern Yet Classic
It is almost impossible to find home attributes that do not change with the decades. Each decade seems to have their own mark on style, but if you look closely at any pictures of past and present homes you will notice one important factor. Most beautifully styled homes have wooden shutters. Wooden shutters are classic and elegant making them an option for spectacular interior design no matter what decade it is, so make 2020 your year to bring classic, yet modern wooden shutters into your home.

Highly Valued
Adding value to your home can be a little complicated. People invest in entire new kitchens and bathrooms in hopes of getting their investment back upon sale of their home, but it is not always big renovations that make for the highest return. Homeowners do want beautiful spaces within a home, but they also want a move-in ready feel. Investing in wooden shutters is a seemingly small thing you can do to add ultimate value to your home. Potential buyers want to be able to move in without having to put more into the property and if they see you have already installed spectacularly designed wood shutters, it is one less thing they will have to provide upon purchase.

Easily Adaptable
Finding the right color scheme for your interior design projects can be a hassle. Matching drapes and blinds to your interior furnishing can be a true chore as colors do not always match up completely leaving an unattractive design. However, wooden shutters are the ideal way to alleviate this problem. They provide the most beautiful accompaniment to multiple designs and come in an array of colors for every design scheme. Best of all, you do not have to change out the shutters simply because you paint the walls like with drapes and blinds.

Easy to Maintain
The world we live in today is far more fast paced than ever before. Time is more valuable than ever and no one wants to spend countless hours maintaining window treatments. Blinds and drapes can be difficult to clean and fade over time no matter how well they are maintained. Wooden shutters are vastly different. It merely takes a damp cloth and a mild detergent to keep your wooden shutters looking just as fresh as when they were installed.

Adaptable to All Window Types
Every window is not exactly the same. Homes built in different time periods and across multiple architects will have varying window sizes, styles, and shapes. Thankfully, wood shutters are adaptable in this area as well. Custom wooden shutters can be made to fit odd shaped and styled windows with ease, so whether you are looking to cover a standard sized window or have multiple sizes and styles throughout the home, you can have a cohesive and spectacularly beautiful look with wooden shutters.
2020 has just begun and now is the time to invest in high quality wooden shutters. Do not let another day pass without enjoying the many benefits of wooden shutters. Find the right design, style, and color for your home today and enjoy the ultimate beauty of wooden shutters for a lifetime.


Why Conservatory Shutters are so Popular This Summer

We have all looked through home design magazines and seen beautiful homes featuring the latest in design options. Each one features a different design style for a unique look, but most of them have something else in common. They feature beautifully crafted wood shutters. Plantation shutters have long been the go to design for homeowners and professional interior designers, but today, conservatory shutters are making an impact on the interior design world as well. So, why are conservatory shutters so popular this summer? Here are just a few reasons.

Helps Control Temperature
Temperatures during the summer can be a lot to take. The heat seems to increase annually and as hot as it is outside, interior temperatures can soar even higher. Modern conveniences such as air conditioning can do a lot to maintain a comfortable interior temperature, it takes a lot of energy to contend with the summer heat. Some units may not be able to keep up with the increased temperature leading to high energy costs. Thankfully, there is a solution. Conservatory shutters are much more than stunning window treatments. They provide substantial temperature control as well. With professionally installed conservatory shutters, you will no longer have to choose a hot home over a high energy bill. Conservatory shutters can drop the interior temperature of your home by up to 5 degrees on even the hottest of days. Simply shut the shutters during the day to maintain cool air from the morning in your home longer.

Versatility at its Best
Homeowners should never have to choose style over substance, but that is what is often necessary for homeowners who have odd shaped windows. Standard drapes, blinds, and other window treatment options merely cover the window while offering no style at all. Conservatory shutters are completely customized to the window and therefore allow the beauty of the space to shine inside and out. The mass versatility of conservatory shutters gives them the ability to be adapted to any size or shape window for perfect design every time without compromise.

Add Significant Value
Adding value to your home is essential. Even if you have no intention of selling your home in the near future, you can neve tell when your home’s value may come into question. Repairs or renovations to a home may need to be made with little notice and getting a home loan is a challenge if you have yet to improve the home’s value from the date of purchase.

Conservatory shutters are an excellent way to add value to the home for both potential lenders and potential buyers. It gives the home a more finished and polished look compared to drapes and blinds. If you are selling, potential buyers will have the move in ready look they desire and if you are not selling, you can simply show off the beauty of your conservatory shutters and be the envy of the neighborhood.

Easy to Clean
Everyone dreads spring and fall cleaning. This is the time of year where your window treatments are taken down and cleaned extensively. It is a laborious task that does not truly need to happen. Unlike drapes and blinds that can be taken down and cleaned, shutters are a fixed window treatment solution. They are designed to be cleaned right where they are installed. This frees up a lot of time for the homeowner as there is nothing to take day. Maintaining your shutters is as easy as wiping them down once a week or even less often with a damp cloth. For a more extensive clean once per year, a solution of water and soap or water with a little vinegar is all that is required to maintain the beauty of your wood shutters. Your spring cleaning routine just got a lot easier.

When was the last time you took a good look at your windows? If it has been quite some time, you owe it to yourself to examine the space and consider conservatory shutters. They are ideal for virtually any room and maintain their value throughout the life of the home. Conservatory shutters offer a permanent window treatment solution with little maintenance while providing maximum beauty. Do not go through another long, hot summer without investing in quality made, beautifully crafted conservatory shutters. Your home is worth it.

5 Lighting Solutions for Small Rooms

Homes today are built with wide open rooms for an open floor plan that includes the living space, kitchen, and everything between, but every home has at least one room that is closed off from the other spaces. Small rooms can be difficult to light and a poorly lit space is never a popular one. Light is your friend in small spaces and if you are trying to figure out how to light your small room, here are 5 lighting solutions for small rooms to help you out.

Track Lighting
In a tight space, overhead lighting can be a great help, but just a simple bulb is no way to show off your unique style. Overhead lighting options today are more versatile than ever before. Track lighting has become one of the most popular options for small spaces. The lights are on a track system and therefore, are able to be moved around to offer ideal lighting throughout the space. Whether you want to focus all the lights on one area as with a studio or office for work or require ample lighting throughout the space, track lighting systems are a good option.

Recessed Lighting
Sometimes small spaces are small, not due to their floor space, but the availability of overhead space. Short ceilings add to the claustrophobic feeling common in small rooms, but recessed lighting can help significantly. Recessed lighting options are pulled back into the ceiling rather than standing out. Most utilize a can system that accounts for head from light bulbs making them safe for most homes. Additionally, recessed lighting will ensure that no one, no matter how tall, hits their head on the light fixture in your smaller than average space.

For the better part of a century, the incandescent bulb has been a staple in our homes. It has been there to light our way for many years, but it is limited in how much light it can produce. LEDs, on the other hand, have very little limitations. LEDs have almost limitless versatility in small spaces. They can be used in a wired outlet for continual light or many battery powered options can simply be attached to the wall or ceiling. LEDs use much less electricity and last much longer than standard light bulbs. LEDs are a bit more expensive, but with their versatility, they offer the best solution for small, unused spaces such as closets and powder rooms.

Keep Things Light
Putting in specialty lighting options is a great way to light up a small space, but light is actually a special thing. It reflects off some surfaces while being absorbed into others. Darker colors absorb light while lighter ones reflect it. This can easily be seen if you have ever gone into a small space featuring dark interior colors. Light coming into a window in one of these areas will offer little relief for lighting the area. However, by painting the room in a lighter color, such as a pastel or white, light is reflected throughout the space offering a much more open and bright appearance. Even a small dimly lit space can be brightened up with a fresh coat of white or pastel paint.

Wooden Shutters
Beautiful wooden shutters are an asset to any home and more homeowners are utilizing these impressive window treatment options in every room of their home. Shutters can also help you alleviate your lighting problem in small spaces. Shutters are the ideal solution for small areas such as offices, powder rooms, and even closets as they can be shut when the room is not in use, or opened up fully to allow beautiful light to flood the space. In addition to offering substantial light and privacy, shutters painted white will assist with lighting a space without absorbing light form the sun as previously discussed.

No matter the size of your home, you likely have at least one room within that requires a bit of help in the lighting department. Take the time to examine your home and use these lighting solutions to help alleviate dark, small spaces. Ample light will make the space feel more comfortable to you and your guests, so take these solutions to heart and brighten up your little space.

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Perfect Patterns to Complement Your Wood Shutters

If you have been on the fence about installing wood shutters, now is the time to act. Wood shutters add significant value as well as optimal temperature control to any size home. Intimidation is often the reason homeowners avoid wood shutters. They may feel as though designing to fit the shutters might be a challenge, but allow us to put your mind at ease. It is easy to design a room completely around your beautiful new wooden shutters and here are the perfect patterns to complement your wood shutters.

Bold Lines

Interior design can be a challenge, but sometimes it takes a bit of boldness to bring out the best in your wood shutters. Bold striped patterns can be an abrupt change, but remember, most wood shutters maintain the same lines. Wide slats offer light control as well as an easy configuration for bold line designed patterns. Whether you prefer soft pastel hues or deep, rich colors, you can never go wrong with paring them with wood shutters. Start out small, such as a simple seating area featuring the bold line design in blue, green, or even red. The subtle accent will add a significant amount of style to the space and complement the shutters beautifully.


This is an area in which some homeowners love, while some truly loathe, but florals can work well with wood shutters. Where wooden shutters allow the outdoor world to come inside, floral patterns bring a natural, comfortable feel to the space. Today’s floral patterns do not have to be the stark, almost eye numbing patterns that our grandmothers were forced to put in their homes, but can actually be quite subtle. Modern takes on floral patterns are abstract views of popular flowers and work great with wood shutters as well. For those that want to maintain tradition without going overboard, accent pillows, throw rugs, and floral upholstered accent furnishings are an option.

Chevron Patterns

Straight lines are not always appealing to everyone, but chevrons offer a modern take on straight lines that often appeals to more people. Chevron patterns are available in practically every color of the rainbow, so you never have to be intimidated by their use. Options for wide stance chevrons for more of a bold approach or thinner lines for a bit more subtlety. Chevron patterns offer a wide selection of available style options with wood shutters and pair well with most any color and style. Choose bolder colors for a modern design, or for designers that want more of a homey, lived in feel, faded pastels are excellent.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric shaped patterns have always been around, but recently have made an extreme comeback in the interior design world. The reason these patterns have come back into play is because they are not boring and stagnant patterns, but seem to have a certain movement and style all their own. Light play offered by natural light flooding through wood shutters exemplifies the movement and interest of these patterns much more effectively than drapes or standard blinds. Again, this is a pattern that can be virtually anything you want it to be, from subtle pastel shades to bold colors and even various line thicknesses to give your space the exact look you desire.

Textured Patterns

Patterns that work best with wood shutters are not merely based on a flat design, but can have texture as well. Not all wood shutters have a flat design either. Many have various faux leather textures and patterns that provide a unique quality to the look. Consider moving that same option into your interior furnishings. Various textures throughout a room give the eye something to look at as opposed to simple, finishes. Textured pillows, carpeting, and accent chairs offer something new to guests without overpowering the senses. Always shop by color, pattern, and yes, texture when picking out your favorite furnishings for wood shutters.

Wood shutters bring a lot to interior design, but when paired perfectly with these patterns, the room takes on a whole new life. These are the most common patterns you will likely see with wooden shutters, but they are not the only ones available. Professional interior designers are always working to incorporate new patterns and therefore, you as your home’s interior designer must be vigilant in seeking out new, interesting patterns. Give these a try and even consider bringing multiple patterns together. Wood shutters work well with most designs, so do not worry, you are not going to mess up your interior home design.

How to Achieve That Summer Look for Your Home

Summer is finally here and although you and your family will likely be getting outside to enjoy the season, at least some of the time, you will be enjoying the great indoors. Therefore, you need to make an effort to make your home feel as fresh as a summer’s day. Here are some tips on how to achieve that coveted summer look for your home.

Tropical Accents

When summer comes, there is little need to completely revamp your entire interior to showcase the season. It is more about small accents than anything else. Bring in a bit of the tropical feel with accents that reflect the island style. For bedrooms, consider purchasing a tropical pattern for your bed or accent pillows. Accent pillows can also be used for the living room furniture as well as slip covers that make achieving a new look easy without breaking the bank. The small accents will bring a lot to the overall summer feeling of the home.

Mediterranean Style is Always in Season

The calming nature of the Mediterranean is easy to add to your home’s interior design this summer. Make your home feel like an island paradise with a little Mediterranean style. Add comfortable accent rugs to hard wood and light shades of blue and green to achieve the look. Incorporate natural light wood furnishings and emphasize the use of sunlight pouring into the space. Ocean themed accents throughout the space emphasize the feeling of being lovingly held by the Mediterranean even when you are simply relaxing with the family on a warm summer’s day.

Embrace Wood Shutters

Simple blinds and curtains are outdated. They break easy, hold dust and allergens, and never give a room an updated look no matter how expensive they are. Wooden shutters are the way to go with window treatments this summer. Apart from bringing in natural light to accentuate you other summer interior designs, the offer substantial benefits every homeowner will enjoy.

Homes with wood shutters have a notable resale value increase and show better than others who opt for blinds, shades, or no window treatments at all. In addition to increasing resale value, wood shutters work excellent in the summer by lowering the interior temperature of your home. That can make a significant difference on your home’s monthly utility costs, so wood shutters installed in your home this summer are truly a win win!

Bring in Natural Elements

Indoor plants are making a comeback in the interior design world like never before and summer is an excellent opportunity to get onboard with the indoor plant revolution. Indoor plants bring life into a home. They take little and offer so much. Just a little sunlight and water is all they ask while bringing your family a cleaner environment through air purification. Even if you do not have a green thumb, many interior plants require very little care and last much longer than outdoor plants. If you are still a bit concerned about interior plants, start out with herbs. As an added bonus, fresh herbs can be added to most dishes and can be used throughout the year.

Brighten up the Place

A dark room is perfect for winter time to feel nice and cozy by a roaring fire, but summer is about light and an emphasis on the great outdoors. Bring the sunshine straight into your home with vivid yellow and orange tones. This does not mean you have to paint rooms and invest vast amounts of money in new furnishings, but rather simply accents. Beautifully bright colored paintings depicting summer scenes are an option or brightly colored throws draped over existing furniture. Interior design never has to be a struggle or complicated. Simple is always appreciated.

Your home is supposed to reflect your feelings and during the summer, we are supposed to feel happier with time off from school and more time with family. Take advantage of summer prints or even upcycle an existing piece of furniture with a fresh coat of paint. There is so much to do this summer, but ensure that the interior of your home is a true oasis and escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life with this top tips for summer interior design.

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Why You Should Get Conservatory Shutters This Spring

Spring is coming quickly and amidst all the spring cleaning and general maintenance on the home, take some time and examine your window treatments. Updating your windows is easier and more practical than ever before with conservatory shutters. If you have been on the fence about your purchase of conservatory shutters, here are just a few benefits of why spring is the ideal time for this drastic change to your home’s look.

Better for Allergies
Spring is a time when allergies are at their height. Pollen brings new growth, but it also brings about a lot of sneezing. Fabric-based window treatments harbour allergens and dust that can exacerbate allergy symptoms. Conservatory shutters do not attract dust and allergens. Plus, they are easier to clean. A simple wipe with a damp towel rids the shutters of any surface dirt.

Cleaner Appearance
One of the little known advantages of conservatory shutters is that they make any room look a bit tidier. Rooms become cluttered from time to time and spring is the time to rid your spaces of excess clutter. Standard drapes and blinds move with the wind and can make a room look unkempt even if it is clean. Conservatory shutters always maintain a clean line look for a more tidy appearance. They are tucked into the window space rather than allowed to flow around and therefore are more visually appealing than standard drapes.

Temperature Control
During the spring season, no one is worried about the temperature outside. The mild temperatures help reduce energy costs and simply rejuvenate the body, but summer is just around the corner and you know what that means. Soon we will all be wiping the sweat off our brow and looking for ways to keep cool. Conservatory shutters are the answer as they reduce the interior temperatures by up to 20 degrees. That can make for a sincere drop in cooling costs when the temperatures rise and installing them during spring, will give you an edge out on others who wait until the throws of summer are upon them.

Add Value
Spring tends to be the time of year where homes come up for sale. Potential homeowners have a wide array of options to look at during this time of year and if your home has conservatory shutters, you are sure to impress potential buyers. Even if you are not intent on selling your home currently, it never hurts to add value to space in the event the need to sell arises. Conservatory shutters add considerable value to your home as new potential buyers will not have to contend with the addition of window treatments. It makes the home look more move in ready with a permanent window treatment solution already in place.

Brighten up the Space
Light is your friend during any time of the year, but it seems especially true during the spring cleaning season. Adding conservatory shutters to your home this spring will not only add value but brighten up your space. Conservatory shutters allow for easy light control to maximize sun during the day and privacy at night. With one flick of the wrist your home goes from completely exposed to completely private, so you can enjoy the outdoors from indoors or block out the light for optimal privacy.

Fit Any Window
This spring season you will ultimately have to contend with how to cover certain windows that may not be exactly standard. Conservatory shutters are the answer. They are specifically designed for individual windows instead of mass produced for standard sizes as with blinds. In addition, conservatory shutters are designed to fit skylights, so if you have a true conservatory on your home, they are the ideal beautiful solution you have been looking for.

Long-Standing Beauty
Windows, drapes, and blinds tend to fade, warp, and break over time leaving your home looking dated. Conservatory shutters are completely different in that the homeowner never has to contend with the dull look fading can bring about. Additionally, conservatory shutters can protect furniture within the space from experiencing fading, so they are truly a win-win for the sun-soaked days of the spring season.

If you are looking to improve your home, conservatory shutters are the answer. These impeccably designed window treatments offer the best in temperature control and maintain their beauty throughout their long life. When installing conservatory shutters this spring, you will see a vast improvement in the appearance both inside and outside the home. Get yours today. Do not wait any longer. Conservatory shutters are the perfect solution for the spring season.

How to Create the Perfect Traditional Home Style

Interior design has been known to baffle more than a few homeowners and there are so many styles to choose from, the average novice designer can seem to get lost in the sheer magnitude of choices. The best thing to do is to choose a basic style and build upon it. Most homes respond well to traditional style as a general rule, so here are some tips on creating the perfect traditional style home to get the most from your design experience without the endless confusion.

Start with a Century
Traditional style tends to come from 18th Century England, but is also highly dedicated to the French countryside motif and into some exotic areas of the east. Although pieces do not have to be completely authentic, do a bit of research into the century as a starting point and pick pieces that closely match the style. This gives you a good base work from without becoming overly complicated by other forms of traditional design.

There are many traditional style fabrics available, but to be truly traditional, an emphasis on floral prints is a must. Flowers bring us closer to nature and therefore bring us back to a more traditional mindset. If you are uncomfortable with a total floral covered sofa or chair, simply implement the floral pattern in other ways such as throw pillows or even smaller accent chairs as opposed to the main furnishings. Subtle floral patterns in blues and greys work well as well instead of having a very imposing floral pattern on the main furniture, so never be taken away by the strict loud floral patterns some traditionalists insist on.

Colour Choices
Traditional colours are of course white, but also include hues of green and peach for the main colour pallet. Accent colours can include golds, tans, and bronze. These shades tend to bring a warm, homey feel to the room indicative of the traditional style. Consider warm wood tones for more of a natural, traditional look to space.

Window Treatments
So many options are available for window treatments within the traditional style spectrum of design from drapes and valances, but if you want a true traditional style, Victorian shutters are the answer. These shutters work perfectly with practically any form of design so even if you choose to change things up later down the line, you need not to worry about changing out the shutters. Victorian shutters come in a range of different colours to choose from, but white tends to be the optimal choice for its temperature control qualities as well as the fact that white works well with any other colour.

Thinking of Art
Art is a part of history that should never be forgotten. Think of walking through an 18th Century manor with beautiful tapestries and paintings depicting the life of the family and their artistic interests. Although today’s homes may not have the volume of art on the walls, it is still quite important to the traditional style. New tapestries and wall art are available in a mass-produced form to avoid the hefty expense of original pieces, but many local artists are available and willing to paint in the traditional style, so whichever way you go, you cannot go wrong.

Every home requires accessories and the traditional style home is no different. While shopping for accessories, take along pictures of traditionally styled homes as a reference. Many second-hand shops and most home stores will have traditional accessories to complete the furnishing process of your traditional home. The traditional style is all about comfort, but the accessories used within the design feature a bit of glitter as well. Silver candlesticks, vases, and even crystal chandeliers, if you have space, are key points in the traditional accessory design.

Your home is supposed to be a comfortable place to relax and occasionally, entertain friends. When designing in the traditional manner, never forget the need for comfort. The most beautiful, traditional sofa and chairs, must also be inviting and comfortable for guests. From floral patterns to ornate accessories and onto Victorian shutters, the traditionally styled home is within your grasp and even if you are not a professional designer, you can have the traditional interior design you have always wanted by following these simple guidelines. Happy designing!

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Blinds Vs Shutters

Moving into a home or improving interior design can be a struggle, but amateur interior designers tend to start at the incorrect location of the home. It is too easy to get distracted by the need for new furniture and what we like when we should first be looking at our windows to work as a backdrop for all décor. Both blinds and shutters are an option, but deciding is somewhat of a challenge. We are here to help, so read on as we compare and contrast blinds vs. shutters to help you make an informed decision.

Where ongoing care may not be at the top of your list of needs, it should. With blinds, care can be somewhat difficult. Most of the time, the blinds can be simply wiped off, but if dirt is allowed to stay for too long, it will not wipe away and therefore the entire system must be taken down and deep cleaned. It is an arduous task, but shutters work a bit differently.
Shutters are permanently placed to the window and therefore are not designed to be taken off at will. Thereby, shutters are designed to be cleaned while remaining on the window. Due to their durable construction and various finishes available, shutters wipe clean with little effort.

Lasting Beauty
The sun can do permanent damage to window treatments. Blinds are simple structures that utilize minimal UV protection. After a few years, fading from the sun will cause blinds to look dated and their once vibrant appearance cannot be replenished.
Shutters, on the other hand, are designed to maintain their beauty throughout their lifetime. Shutters come in an array of colours and textures designed to ward off the harmful affects of the sun. Even better than the shutters not fading themselves, they also do an excellent job of protecting your interior furnishings and floors from sun damage as well.

Life is not always an easy clean ride. A lot happens in a home and if you have children or pets, you know that things can get damaged very quickly. Blinds are often the first thing damaged and even one damaged slat can make the entire room look unkempt. Shutters are designed to take on more stress than blinds, so a bouncy ball being thrown around the house are unlikely to damage them in any way. If you have kids or pets, the obvious choice is investing in top quality made shutters for lasting beauty and unmatched durability.

How much do you intend on spending on your window treatments? This is a question you will ultimately have to answer. The short answer is simple, blinds are more inexpensive to purchase than shutters. There is, however, a catch when it comes to blinds. Due to their flimsy design and lack of durability, after a year or two, the will need to be replaced.
Shutters will cost more initially, but the benefits far outweigh that initial investment. Shutters are designed to last for the lifetime of the home, so there is no need to replace them year after year or at the very least, every two years. They maintain their beauty and require very little maintenance, so the expense of shutters is actually far less than that of blinds.

Increased Home Value
It is not likely you will ever see a potential home buyer walk into a home and comment on how lovely the blinds are. Blinds are more of a functionality feature rather than a design attribute. Shutters offer a bit more draw to potential buyers. A person or family looking at a home with shutters already installed will be able to visualize the interior better than with the distraction of simple blinds. Shutters offer an updated look to the space and give the perspective of a move in ready space which is much more appealing than the thought of having to find window treatments on top of everything else moving entails.

The solution for any home is simple. Blinds are a quick fix to privacy, but little more than that. Added value from beautifully installed shutters is simply unmatched. In addition to all these incredible benefits, today's shutters come in a range of different colours and styles to choose from, so you can perfectly match your shutters to your home décor needs with ease. Take the time to look at your windows and you will see how much value shutters will add to your home. Whether you want café, plantation, Victorian, loft, conservatory, or any other form of shutters, it is an investment in the future of your home and you will not regret it.

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Why You Should Consider Wooden Shutters in 2019

Your home is an extension of your personality and the right window treatments can be a significant improvement to any space. This year, you will make many decisions as to how your home will look, but if you do not make one of these decisions wooden shutters, you are missing out on a myriad of benefits. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider wooden shutters for 2019.

Adding Value
Whenever you can add value to your home, it is a good decision. Wooden shutters are permanent window treatments and are a draw for many potential home buyers. The average potential buyer looks for homes that have features they will not have to change upon moving in. Wooden shutters maintain their beauty throughout the life of the home and therefore, if or when you decide to sell the home, the potential will be more drawn to the home.

Reduction in Utility Costs
Quality wood shutters are not only beautiful, they can provide a reduction in heating and cooling costs. Wooden shutters can reduce utility bills by up to 20%. Wood shutters are ideal for closed off rooms as well as main living spaces.

Privacy When You Want It
Your privacy is important and traditional window treatments, such as drapes and standard blinds, do little to provide adequate privacy. Wooden shutters can be opened to allow light to flood the space or shut completely for additional privacy. Consider wood shutters for small rooms where privacy is essential such as bedrooms or offices.

Beauty Inside and Out
Interior design is important for you to feel comfortable in your home, but the exterior of your home should also be stylish. Paint can take you a long way, but the beauty of wooden shutters extends to both the interior and exterior of the home. When installing wood shutters in your home for 2019, consider installing the same style and colour throughout the home. This ensures that the appearance of the home maintains a cohesive nature on the outside.

Variety of Colours and Styles
Quite possibly the largest benefit to wood shutters is that homeowners are not boxed into simply one idea. With a range of different styles and colours, you can choose what is best for you. Plantation shutters are ideal for rooms that need full privacy while café shutters make a great choice for dining areas in which privacy is only necessary part of the time. Wood shutters are also available in loft style for attics and rooms with long windows.

No Fading
Drapes, shades, and other window coverings can fade quite quickly especially when inside a room exposed to significant sunlight. Faded shades can make a room look dated and unkempt. Wooden shutters maintain their natural colour or are painted with UV resistant paints. This means that no matter where your room faces in orientation to the sun, there will be no fading. Wooden shutters maintain their value and vibrant colours for beauty for years to come.

A Refreshed Look
If you find that your current home looks dated or you are simply tired of the décor. Wooden shutters are the answer. Apart from being practical, they add an updated look to any space for a refreshed appearance.

Installed Anywhere
Some window treatments cannot be installed in certain areas of the home. The orientation to the sun or moisture content of the space can inhibit their use in bathrooms and kitchens, but wooden shutters can be installed in any space. Their versatility is largely due to their customization options. Wooden shutters can be customized to fit any space and are resistant to mold and mildew.

Easy Maintenance
The act of cleaning standard window treatments is a time consuming process. In addition, drapes and blinds can hold allergens leading to problems for sensitive individuals. Wooden shutters are quite easy to install and maintenance is simple. Most wood shutters merely require a quick wipe with a damp cloth to keep dust away. A deeper clean can be accomplished with a simple vinegar solution once per year. Wooden shutters maintain their beauty with very little maintenance.

A home is the largest investment most people will ever make and adding value through wooden shutter installation simply makes sense. Wooden shutters add a sophisticated style that is unmatched by other forms of window treatments. Take the time to examine your home for 2019 and get rid of the old blinds, drapes, and shades for an updated style that adds value and class to any space. No matter the room size or décor, wooden shutters are the way to go.

Why Victorian Shutters are Making a Comeback

Home design has gone through many different trends over the year, but one era that is greatly making a comeback recently is the Victorian era. Beautiful patterns and designs were used wildly throughout homes during this period and as a nod to this trend, Victorian Shutters are becoming all the rage. Here are just a few reasons why Victorian Shutters are making a comeback in 2019.

Stunning Design
Design is no longer about simply putting in functional furniture and hoping it all works together. Today’s homeowner is focused on having magazine quality design in every portion of their home. This is especially true with window treatments. Victorian Shutters are replacing tired worn out drapes and blinds for a highly functional and stunning appearance. The beauty of Victorian Shutters is that their design quality is evident on the inside of the home as well as from the outside, so it is a win win.

A Range of Colours
Today’s consumer loves choices. This notion has been taken to new heights within the Victorian Shutter industry with the availability to get practically any shutter colour. Colours range light, bright pastels, all the way to vivid hues spanning the rainbow. Options for wood grain are available as well for a more rustic look to the space, as in an office setting. Victorian shutters can also be found in various textures such as faux leather, but an updated, luxurious appearance to any room. No matter which is chosen, the result is a stunning backdrop for an array of design options.

Adding Value
Finding ways to add value to your home is important for the homeowner as well as any potential buyers for the house. For those looking to sell their home, Victorian Shutters can add substantial value and push potential buyers over the edge in their decision to purchase. Buyers look for different aspects of a home to determine a sale. It is said that beautiful bathrooms and kitchens will sell a home, but the same level of value can be added with Victorian Shutters. These remarkably designed window treatments are visually appealing and also prove to the buyer that they will not have to invest in window treatments reducing their overall move in costs should they purchase the property.

Temperature Control
Windows are necessary in homes to provide natural light to the interior, but with that light often comes additional heat or cold from the outside. Cooling and heating a home without adequate window treatments is expensive. Victorian shutters are not simply pretty. They also offer a reduction in your overall heating and cooling costs. On average, a homeowner will notice a 17% reduction in utility costs annually from installing Victorian Shutters. That can be substantial savings over the lifetime of your home.

Save the Furnishings
The sun’s rays feel wonderful when they are pouring in through your open windows, but too much sun can have a negative affect on your home’s furniture. The sun’s rays bleach out fabrics and make furnishings look older than what they actually are. The solution for this issue is Victorian Shutters. With perfectly installed Victorian Shutters, you can let in the light you need without an overexposure. It is ideal for anyone who spends time away from the home. The shutters can be closed off for optimal furniture protection while no one is in the home.

Privacy is important and unless you live way out away from any neighbors, you need your privacy. With Victorian Shutters, privacy is there when you want it. Victorian Shutters span the entire height and width of the window, so there are no gaps for those outside to look in when the shutters are closed. Privacy and security in one epic package.

The decision to upgrade your current window treatments to Victorian Window Shutters is a wise one. From adding value to style to optimal privacy, you get it all. Take the time to examine your home and invest in Quality Victorian Shutters today. It is an investment in your home’s future and your overall happiness. The popularity of Victorian Shutters is on the rise, and you can enjoy all their benefits for yourself.

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