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25% off The White Collection
25% off The White Collection



A Distinctive ‘Hands On’ Approach

Since opening our own joinery factory in 2002 in Dubai, all New England shutters are custom made using only the finest grade timbers sourced from environmentally responsible suppliers.

With nearly 640 combined years of carpentry experience, we employ forty-five carpenters, machine operators, tailors and painters in the factory, along with an accountant and our factory manager, Rajesh.

A “Hands On” approach is critical to the quality control element of our customised manufacturing process. It allows for a close inspection to ensure the finest finish which can only be felt by hand.

We are the only company that can vary every element within the design of the shutter, from; blade size, distance between the blades, rail and side stile sizes, to the depth and height of the midrail. This flexibility allows us to truly customise the manufacturing process and design a shutter that is made to fit, not made to measure.

 Watch our manufacturing video for an exclusive insight in to our joinery workshop.


Shutter Shades in the Summer Sun

Now that the summer is finally here, we can enjoy long days in the sunshine. However, sleeping in the heat can be difficult. Wooden window shutters can provide much-needed shade during the day and help to keep the temperature down at night.

The New England Shutter Company wooden shutters can help you to stay cool in the heat in a number of ways:

  • Insulation – Wood is a natural insulator due to the air pockets within its cellular structure and therefore creates a natural barrier to both heat and cold.
  • Blocking out the sun – when closed, our shutters prevent the rays of the sun waking you up early, and also reflect rays away, reducing the amount of heat and harsh light entering the room early in the morning.
  • Shade – by positioning the blades, you can angle the sun away from where you are sitting or working and cut down on the heat entering your room.
  • Prevent Fading – the blades have a UV filter built in to prevent the wood colour or paint fading, but directing them away from furniture and flooring also means that you can prevent fading in the harsh rays.
  • Ventilation – although the louvers can be angled to prevent sun entering it still allows the air to flow freely through them, letting what little breeze there is in to circulate and cool the room.

The Secret of a Sandblasted Finish

While achieving a flawless distressed sandblasted finish is not easy, it is something our highly skilled craftsmen have perfected.

After developing a special paint and experimenting with a variety of different wood treatments, our specialist solution creates a gently weathered look. Each panel is pressure sandblasted to produce an authentic driftwood finish before a unique color wash is applied.

By sourcing only the finest solid tulip wood, the shutter’s are not only sustainable, but they showcase the beauty of natural wood; ideal for those wanting to create a rustic look and to keep a room feeling light and airy. Whilst many people will choose pale neutral tones to recreate a coastal feel, others may want the dramatic effects of distressing darker, richer shades.

As part of our bespoke manufacturing service, all shutters are made to measure, with five blade widths available, and can be custom-painted to ensure your shutters are tailored to your taste.

Start designing your dream set of shutters by browsing through our full range of luxury finishes.


Do Plantation Shutters Add Value to Your Home?

With the current state of the housing market, now is the perfect time to be improving rather than moving.

From sliding doors to beautiful bay window dressings to elegant exterior shutters, there are many ways in which interior shutters can improve your living space and add value to your home. For this reason, interior shutters are remaining a popular choice amongst many style savvy home owners.

So here’s how you can incorporate shutters in your home:

1 - Adding Kerb Appeal

We all try to make a good first impression, so why not do the same with your home? Besides adding a way to control privacy, light and temperature levels in your home, exterior shutters bring charm, character and kerb appeal.

Whether they dress your bedroom windows or become full-height bi-folding or sliding doors, solid wood shutters are a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution for ensuring your home looks great inside and out.

2 - Dressing for impressing

Designed and manufactured in all shapes and sizes, shutters are available in a wide range of luxury colours and finishes, interior shutters dress your windows to impress.

Whether you’re looking to keep things neutral, make a style statement or find something completely unique, your shutters will certainly catch the eye.

In contrast to curtains and blinds, our shutters create clean lines with their hidden tilt mechanisms and will never start to look dull or drap. Investing in interior shutters is as rewarding as investing in a piece of bespoke furniture as they enhance the architectural and interior design features within your living areas or commercial space for several years.

3 - Sliding in style

With our team of highly-skilled craftsmen, we have worked on various projects seen our shutters work as the perfect solution for room partitions, screens and sliding doors.

Choosing shutters over doors keeps a room feeling light and airy while enabling you to create separate living spaces when desired. This works well in small spaces or areas designed for entertaining and relaxing.

4 - Insulating and protecting your home

Redecorating is not the only way in which you can improve your home. By making your home sustainable you save on running costs and enjoy an efficient environment

When installing shutters in your living space, you create a natural barrier to both the heat and cold. Wood is natural insulator due to the air pockets formed within its cellular structure and is therefore a great solution for making your home more sustainable.

You can also protect furniture and flooring from the harsh sun rays and fading while still allowing light to flood the room by tilting the blades in the right direction.

Take a look at our complete shutter range and order your free brochure today!

Our Exclusive Fire Retardant Finish

Fire retardant paints are most frequently used in large scale industrial spaces, public buildings and facilities, or on new builds. However, unlike many shutter companies who do not offer fire retardant finishes for furnishings such as shutters, we have the perfect soultion.

If you are looking to comply with safety legislation for your home, café, restaurant, hotel, guesthouse, or office, we can add a layer of fire protection using a Flame Guard Lacquer over your selected shutter finish.

Our transparent fire retardant lacquer is Class 0 rated and provides a high quality durable finish. It forms a protective layer which insulates the surface from heat and oxygen which helps to control the spread of flames and fire. A Certificate of Supply of Fire Paint will provided upon installation of your shutters.

Consequently, you can enjoy the benefit of installing beautifully bespoke shutters into your business space while feeling confident that you’re providing a safe environment for your customers and clients.

Browse through our interior portfolio and see how a set of stylish shutters can transform your commerical space.

Our Exclusive Traditional Limed Wax Finish

Creating the popular industrial or rustic feel is something many homeowners and interior designers are trying to achieve this summer. By incorporating furnishings with a beautiful lightly weathered finish, you can achieve this desired look and add a chic urban feel to any interior.

Here at The New England Shutter company, we offer an exclusive traditional limed wax finish that is applied by hand by our talented team of craftsmen.

The traditional method of “Liming” has long been used as a finish on exposed timbers to accentuate details and create a dramatic, contrasting white highlights on open grain woods such as Oak or Ash.

Dating back to the 16th century, “ceruse”, a white lead derivative, was used as a cosmetic by luminaries such as Queen Elizabeth I. Highly toxic on human skin, it transcended to cabinetmakers who used the paste to fill the porous open grain of Oak planks.

Today, Liming Wax is a non-toxic white wax used to create the “cerused” effect on Oak and other interior hardwoods such as Ash. It gives a dramatic grained finish to open grain timbers thus creating an interesting 'limed' or 'patinated' look.

To create this stylish pickled or whitewashed look, the pores of Oak or Ash are first opened with a brass bristle brush. The wax is then wiped into the open grain wood such as Oak or Ash and wiped off the surface to leave a stunning white contrast in the wood grain. This contrasts perfectly highlights the natural lines and patterns of the wood for unique detailing.

Made from solid oak or ash, our interior shutters are made to measure with a choice of 5 different blade widths. So why not take a look at our beautiful shutter range and find a stunning set of traditional limed waxed shutters for your home.

A room with a view: Floor to ceiling sliding shutters

Make an impact in any room with our floor to ceiling sliding shutters. Our shutters offer a clean, crisp and modern way to provide privacy and light within any space.

Our private client in Wimbledon selected our Manhattan design which allows you to operate the blades using your fingertips.

Ultra-smooth German sliding track mechanism allows for effortless movement of our 2.65m tall panels which were custom designed with 100mm side stiles.

Browse through our gallery and see how a set of stylish shutters can transform your living space.

Period Victorian Renovation

Huntsmore are an award-winning project management firm based in Kensington, specialising in the renovation and restoration
of period Victorian homes.

Working closely with Eamonn Agha, we designed and manufactured our traditional plantation shutters in a tier on tier style to maximise privacy and light for his clients’ recently renovated home in SW18.

For areas exposed to moisture or water, kitchens and bathrooms, cedar wood with an acrylic paint finish provides the ideal moisture barrier to preserve the solid timber and fine furniture grade finish of your shutter

Browse through our gallery and see how a set of stylish shutters can transform your living space.

Combine Our Shutter Designs: For the Homeowner seeking the utmost unique style

Combine traditional elegance with contemporary style and create a unique window dressing or room divider with our Mixed Design custom made shutters.

To produce truly bespoke shutters, we employ only skilled craftsmen in our joinery workshop which enables us to offer flexibility in every component of your shutter. We will design a shutter that is made to fit, not made to measure.

Choose any one of our louvre and solid panel designs and combine it for a sleek design with style, form and function.

These room dividing shutter panels combine our traditional plantation louvres on top with our solid Victorian design panel on the bottom.

Browse through our gallery and see how a set of stylish shutters can transform your living space.




Kensington Apartment

Huntsmore project managed the design and build of this large two bedroom apartment in Kensington. As part of a purpose built block, the design had to be sympathetic to the property’s age and surroundings.

The full renovation project involved the design of a fully integrated shaker style deVOL kitchen and two bathrooms.

The White Collection, traditional plantation shutters, gives the kitchen a hint of a traditional look but with an overall modern feel. An acrylic paint finish on our shutters provides an additional moisture barrier for areas exposed to moisture or water.

Browse through our gallery and see how a set of stylish shutters can transform your living space.

Image Credit: Huntsmore ( and Chris Snook Photography

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