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25% off The White Collection



How to Buy House Shutters

Homeownership is a privilege and what is more satisfying than merely owning a home, is owning one that you truly enjoy living in. Homes come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter which style of home you live in, the need for some form of window coverings is essential. If you want to truly enjoy living in your home, standard window treatment options simply will not do. What you need is something that will add value and a remarkable quality to the home. If you are new to the industry and interior design in general, here is your guide to getting the house shutters you have always dreamed of.

 House Shutters - Bathroom

Pick Colours Carefully

Your home’s décor will change from time to time. New furnishings, rugs, and accessories have the ability to change the whole colour scheme of the room, but changing shutters is not something that should be considered lightly. Shutters are not your average window coverings and therefore are generally more expensive than classic curtains or standard blinds. It is important that you pick colours that translate well over a range of interior décor. Shutters are available in any colour imaginable, so it can be easy to get carried away with the possibilities.

Keeping things simple also gives homeowners an advantage should they ever decide to sell the home. A neutral colour palette translates well to potential buyers as they can easily see how their personal colour preferences may fit into the space without the thought of having to buy whole new furniture to accommodate a new home.

Shutter Style

Apart from colour, shutter style is also a necessity. Shutters come in a range of different styles such as café, plantation, conservatory, and attic shutters. Each one has its own unique attribute, so it is best to do a bit of research into what style you prefer before making your final purchase. To help you out, here is a quick guide to these four most popular styles.

Café Shutters – This style is exactly what it sounds like. Café shutters utilise a shutter on the bottom while keeping the upper portion of the window completely open. They pair well with shorter drapes and maintain a certain level of privacy without the occupant feeling closed in.

Plantation Shutters – Among the most popular and trendy shutters available are plantation shutters. This style fits with both traditional as well as modern homes and features folding shutters that fold upon themselves to open the window completely or maximise privacy by closing them completely. These shutters are ideal for most spaces within the home.

Conservatory Shutters – A conservatory can be a beautiful addition to a home, but it can also be unbearably hot during the summer months. Conservatory shutters allow the homeowner to utilise the space for more than just a sunroom with an emphasis on privacy. Conservatory shutters can be customised to fit any size windows and are even used for skylights as well.

Attic Shutters – Attics and lofts are not always areas that see a lot of socialisation, but these spaces in a home require a level of privacy as well. Apart from attic shutters providing privacy, they also work to reduce utility costs as they regulate the temperature in the room.

Look from the Outside

It is often hard to visualise what your home will look like once the shutters are installed, but one thing that deserves mentioning is the need to look at the whole feel of the home. Where most homeowners merely consider the interior of a home and how that will look, a potential house shutter purchaser should take time to look at the exterior as well. Shutters in one room and not others can sometimes look odd. This is especially true if the windows face the same direction. If you intend on fitting a room with shutters it is a good idea to invest in the common side rooms as well and if you are investing that much, it does not hurt to consider shutters for every window for a cohesive look throughout the exterior of the home. Your neighbours and any potential buyers will appreciate the thought.

Measure, Measure, Measure

There is an old saying among contractors, “Measure twice, cut once.” This same notion should be used when purchasing house shutters. Measure multiple times for every window to be covered and keep track of measurements by writing everything down. It may even be helpful to allow multiple people to measure to ensure the measurements match up. You do not want to purchase shutters only to realise they were produced for the wrong length.

Your home is where your family should feel comfortable, safe and happy. House shutters provide that for you and your family with privacy, a beautiful appearance, as well as temperature control attributes. You cannot go wrong with exceptionally designed house shutters, so get yours today.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Wood Shutters

Homeowners often struggle with how to decorate a home and give it that real showroom quality. The perfect furnishings and décor are a given, but what about the windows? Window treatments come in a seemingly endless variety of options today from fragile blinds to standard drapes, but if you want to truly impress guests and anyone that sees your home, wooden shutters are most certainly one of the best options.

If you are among the many that have envied wooden shutter owners, yet neglected to purchase any for your home due to simply not understanding how and which to purchase, you are not alone. Homeowners often struggle to find the ideal wooden shutter style, so we have compiled your ultimate guide to buying wooden shutters.

Wooden Shutters London Home Kitchen

Types of Shutters

The first thing to understand when thinking about purchasing wood shutters for your home is the fact that there is not just one type of shutter to consider. Our designers have painstakingly listened to the desires of homeowners and come up with various styles to fit with practically any home and décor imaginable. It is simply a matter of choosing what is right for your home and luckily, there are truly no wrong answers as wood shutters are beautiful in any form. To help you out, here is a list of different shutter styles and what you can expect with each.

Plantation Shutters – Often a nod to past homes, plantation shutters provide a traditional look to a home, but they are not simply for homes that were built years ago. They have the ability to work seamlessly in modern homes as well. Plantation shutters fold in on themselves and can be cut to fit into any window area, so they are ideal for those that have odd window sizes or areas in which traditional window treatments do not seem to fit. The folding action of these shutters enables the homeowner to maximize or minimize light and privacy into the home. Larger windows that provide little privacy can benefit from plantation shutters to maintain light and privacy at different times throughout the day. They also pair well with standard drapes to change the look of the room with the changing seasons.

Attic Shutters – Make no mistake in the name, attic or loft shutters are not simply for attics and lofts, but for longer windows. These shutters come in full length styles and provide optimal privacy with the option of opening up the space when necessary with light. Loft of attic shutters are an option for patio doors too.

Café Shutters – Privacy is necessary for people to feel secure in their home, but often it is natural light that homeowners crave. Café shutters provide both. These shutters are situated on the lower level of a window to give a bit of privacy, much like the name states in an old style café setting. The upper panel of the window is left open to allow the room to be flooded with natural light. This form of shutter can work with seemingly any room in the home, but most often are utilized in dining room areas to give the space a classic, old world feel. Again, this is an option to pair with half drapes for an added touch to the café look.

Tier on Tier Shutters – Café shutters are an option for those wanting privacy on the lower level of a window, but tier on tier shutters take that concept and provide ultimate privacy. They work independent of one another and give the homeowner the ability to open one panel for just a bit of light or open the entire area for maximum light options. The two section design can be the perfect solution for homeowners that are a bit indecisive as to which shutter style they prefer.

Conservatory Shutters – A conservatory or sunroom is an area of a home that is, generally, completely open, but some homeowners still desire the option of privacy in this space as well. Conservatory shutters are often a specialty order item, but are available in a range of sizes to fit all windows and skylights in a space. Some modern models are even remote controlled, so the homeowner can open or close the shutters with the tap of a button without having to individually open and close each panel. They are beautiful and bring a unique look to any conservatory or sunroom space.

Colour Considerations

Quite possibly the first thing a homeowner wants to talk about when purchasing wood shutters is colour. This is a vital aspect to consider, because even if you simply like a colour does not mean that it will be right for your space. Many considerations need to be well thought out before a final colour is commissioned.

Firstly, are you a homeowner that enjoys changing their décor with the seasons or do you buy furniture frequently? This should be considered because some colours clash with others. As you can get any wood shutter style in practically any colour, your home’s décor will play heavily on that decision. For those that maintain the same colour palette with little change, the decision should complement your current décor. For those that change things up a lot, consider a colour that works across many different options. Pastel colours and even white are a great option as they maximize your design potential without taking away from your home décor.

The second thing to consider is if you want the same colour shutters throughout all rooms. This is something to keep in mind as vast differences in the colour of shutters can be a negative for the home when viewing from the outside. Ideally, all windows facing the same direction in a home should maintain the same colour for a seamless and classic look.

A third thing to think about is the intention of how long you are to live in the home. Unlike drapes, wood shutters are made to fit the home and therefore, are not something you will take with you should you change residences. If you intend on staying in your home without ever selling, simply buy what you like, but if selling is in the future at any foreseeable time, consider going for a subdued colour such as white. Depending on the style of home, wood grain or natural looking shutters can work to the benefit of future owners as well.

Texture Options

When thinking of wood shutters, people envision a wood grain texture coated with beautiful paint of their choice, but this is not the only option for shutters. Today homeowners have options for texture as well. Textures include a smooth seamless finish, matte, sandblasted, or even faux leather. Texture should be considered primarily for home décor. The unique textures to the shutters bring about a more luxurious feel and can work in main rooms of the home or even small cozy office spaces. The options are truly endless.

Moisture Content of the Space

In general a home is a low moisture environment. Provided you do not live in a tropical area with high humidity, it is likely you do not have to consider mold and mildew seeping into your shutters and ruining them, but there are some areas of the home that are more prone to trapped moisture. Specifically showers and bathroom windows can carry great risk for mold and mildew, but that still does not have to keep you from enjoying the beauty of wood shutters. Should you desire wood shutters in a moisture prone room, simply have them treated with waterproof finishes. You still maintain the beauty of wood shutters, but also have that extra layer of protection.


When thinking of buying any form of wood shutters for your home, the price will be a factor. Shutters are a bit more expensive than some other styles of window treatments. The difference in quality, however, more than makes up for the added expense. Even though you may be budget minded, it is important to keep in mind that the shutters are an investment in the home rather than a simple window covering. They add considerable resale value as well as personal value through their sheer beauty. It is hard to put a price tag on the spectacular look of wood shutters, so do not make price your ultimate goal. Quality should play an important factor too.

Wood shutters are among the best window treatments on the market today. If you are among the many looking for the ideal window treatments for your home, take the time and explore the world of wood shutters. It is easier than you might think to have the dream indoor living space you have always wanted by utilizing beautifully designed wood shutters as your backdrop.

Why You Should Consider Plantation Shutters This Christmas

2018 is moving along at an intense pace and before we know it, we will be hearing the sounds of Christmas. Even though it might be a bit early, now is the time to start thinking about what you want for this wonderful holiday. Sure, there are always gifts you wish for that will satisfy for a little while, but why not dream a little larger and purchase a gift that will truly make you happy and your home happy. Plantation shutters should be at the very top of your Christmas list and here are just a few reasons why.

Christmas Shutters

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

The trouble with Christmas gifts is that they are quickly forgotten. Just like a child with a new toy, presents will satisfy for a time, but after a few weeks or months, we move onto something else. The best gifts are those that make a true impact in our lives in which love for the item continues for a much longer period of time. Plantation shutters are the ideal gift for any homeowner as they do continue to give throughout the year. Give your special someone the ongoing beauty and luxury of plantation shutters for Christmas.

Temperature Control

Plantation shutters maintain many benefits for any home. Among the top benefits is added temperature control. During the deep cold of winter, shutters provide an added layer of insulation to the room when closed and darker shutters actually absorb heat from the sun emanating it into the space. For the sunnier winter days, the shutters open to allow sun to flood the room with natural light. During the hot summer months, the opposite happens. Insulation from the shutters allow cool air to remain in the home, but light is still able to beautifully light the space when necessary.

Easy to Maintain

You never want to give someone a gift that requires a lot of maintenance. High maintenance presents tend to be cast aside as the average person does not have the time for a lot of maintenance. Plantation shutters maintain their beauty throughout their lives without the high maintenance aspect.

Be the Envy of the Street

After the holidays are over, we often have to endure stories of what amazing gifts our friends and family received and sometimes, our personal experience with gifts does not measure up. It is time to take back this boastful time of year and become the envy of everyone in your neighborhood. Plantation shutters look spectacular within any room, but they can also be seen from the outside of the home. Adding plantation shutters to a home gives more of a luxury appearance than standard blinds and other window treatment options. Install your plantation shutters today and watch as the whole block becomes green with envy. Then you will have that all important impressive gift to talk about with others.

You Cannot Mess This One Up

Purchasing home décor accessories can be a bit of a challenge for those that are not experienced in the area. Novice decorators may feel as though their interior design options are overwhelming, but not when it comes to plantation shutters. Utilising plantation shutters in any room has a way of pulling everything together remarkably well no matter the colour scheme. For those that find too many colour choices a bit too much to take, stick with simple white plantation shutters as they go with any décor and offer the best natural lighting options for any room.

Plantation shutters are beautiful, easy to install, and have a timeless nature that will last throughout the life of the home. They also act as perfect way to create a warm and cozy home perfect for winter. With minimal maintenance required and an endless array of possible colour choices, this gift will keep on giving for many years to come. Give your home and yourself the gift of a lifetime with plantation shutters.

Why are our solid wooden shutters such a popular choice?

When choosing window treatments there are so many options to choose from. Budget blinds, curtains and drapes make up the majority of the window treatment market but more homeowners are finding ingrained value in wooden shutters. This is not just a passing fad as with some window treatment options but an ongoing tradition in homes all over the world. There are many reasons for choosing wooden shutters over other options abound and here are some key reasons why more homeowners are investing in the beautifully crafted and timeless wooden shutters.

Range of Styles

When you think of wooden shutters a novice might simply think of vast amounts of wooden slats covering windows but wooden shutters have come a long way in the style department. Amongst the more popular styles are plantation shutters which have a more traditional approach but other shutter types are available as well. Conservatory shutters can be fully customized to any space and placed on standard windows or even skylights and café shutters provide a clear sight above with a cute shutter style on the bottom window just as you would see at a café. Attic and loft shutters are also another option and as the years press on there are more styles are coming to the market. The possibilities are endless.


Styles change with almost every decade and when that happens interior components must change with the times. That usually means a new living room suite, flooring or other forms of furnishings within the home. If you have standard blinds or curtains that also means these must change to work appropriately with your home’s new décor. However, this is not the case when investing in wooden shutters.

Wooden shutters are versatile and work with practically every type of home décor. They are also timeless treasures that maintain their value and appearance. When properly cared for, shutters can last through multiple families and style preferences without the need for refurbishing apart from a small paint touchup here and there.

Variety of Colours

The first thing that a person will see when entering a home is the amount of colour in the space. Adding colour to a home is sometimes easier said than done with novice interior decorators. The right colours and textures on furniture can bring a room together beautifully and your wooden shutters can help with that.

If you are new to the wooden shutter world, you may only believe that shutters come in wood finishes. Where these finishes are available and quite popular amongst homeowners they are not the only ones. Wooden shutters are available in practically every colour of the rainbow as well as various textures. Simple painted wooden shutters look exceptional in any room, but for a more updated and modern appearance, many homeowners are now investing in newer styles of wood shutters maintaining faux leather finishes giving them that added feeling of luxury.

Adds Value

Certain aspects of any home will add or detract from its overall value. Any homeowner would do well to invest in features that add to the value of their home even if they do not intend on selling the house. The main benefit of wooden shutters is that they are one of the main aspects that add value. When a potential homeowner enters a home they will look at different areas to determine its overall value. Homes that have wooden shutters already installed hold more value to potential buyers as the new owner will not have to invest in window treatments themselves making the transition into the new home a lot easier.

If you are a homeowner and are thinking of how wooden shutters will add value to your home consider this, your home is where you should feel most comfortable and wooden shutters will help you achieve that more so than standard blinds and drapes so please contact us today and let us assess your needs and get the wooden shutters that are right for you and your home.

Wooden Shutters Homeowner

Tips for Wooden Shutters

Standing in a room without proper window treatments can be a bit unnerving at times. Open windows allow anyone to see into your home posing a possible security risk to those you love. Standard blinds are easily broken causing the homeowner to replace them more often leading to too much money spent just to cover windows. They can also sometime have gaps, so privacy is difficult to find. Curtains pose some of the same issues, so what should you do if you want to maximize the potential of your window treatment options. Install wooden shutters, of course. Wooden shutters maintain their beauty and bring added value to the home and to give you the opportunity to get the most from your wooden shutters, here are some tips!

Living Room Wooden Shutters

Choose Correctly

If you have yet to enjoy the warmth and beauty of wood shutters, there can be a lot to think about, but the first obstacle you will need to overcome is which wooden shutters to choose. Rooms with high windows and the need for optimal privacy should utilize plantation or conservator shutters as these have proven to be the most versatile at fitting into specific window sizes. For rooms that require a little less privacy, café shutters offer a shutter at the base of the window with the top space open to allow natural light to flood the room. If you have questions about which wooden shutter style is right for you, do not hesitate to contact a professional today for an in home estimate.

Keep Wooden Shutters Looking Their Best

Upon the installation of new shutters or moving into a home that already has wooden shutters, you will need to understand the maintenance requirements for keeping them looking their best. There are a few different thought processes for maintaining shutters properly, but it all comes down to the finish of the shutter themselves. Painted shutters require a simple wipe down with a damp cloth regularly.

Standard wooden shutters without paint require the same cleaning techniques as painted ones, but you may have to refinish the shutters after many, many years of use. Painted shutters may also require a small paint touch up from time to time, so keep some paint colour matched to your shutters on hand for this reason.

All types of shutters, no matter if they are painted or standard wood finished, will benefit from a simple dusting with a feather duster. In between wipe downs, simply run your feather duster between slats in the shutters to remove any dust from the surface. A standard feather duster will move dust around the room, so if you are sensitive to dust, it is recommended that you use a static style duster in which dust sticks to the duster rather than flying around the room.

Price is Not the Biggest Importance

Wooden shutters are an investment for your home. Unlike other forms of window treatments, wooden shutters last for many years with minimal maintenance and upkeep needs and often potential wooden shutter owners get hung up on the price. These shutters are a bit more expensive than other window treatments, but with good reason. First, they maintain their beauty and add an eye catching feature to any room. Secondly, and most importantly, they add ingrained value to the entire home. Should you ever wish to sell your home, potential buyers will be highly impressed with the fact that they need not worry about what window treatments they will need. It is a significant step to providing potential buyers with a more move in ready home. It is for these two primary reasons that the price of shutters should be more at the bottom of your “reasons why” list.

Measure Correctly

One of the leading causes of distress during a wooden shutter install is the realization that the shutters do not fit. This is most often caused by a simple miscalculation of window size. Measuring your windows are relatively easy and a key tip when measuring is to measure at least twice. Both vertical and horizontal measurements should be taken and if you are in doubt about your ability to measure properly, there is no shame in calling a wooden shutter professional in to do the job the right way.

Wooden shutters are among the most beautiful and versatile window treatments on the market today. They are also one of the oldest available and that rich tradition and heritage built into every wooden shutter can be yours today. Follow these tips to get the right wooden shutters for your home and keep them looking their best. Make your home sparkle and stand out with wooden shutters perfectly installed into any and every room in the house today.

Why is everyone buying bedroom shutters in 2018?

2018 is a great year for interior design and style. Plenty of people are taking notice of their home, how it looks and also how they can make sure that it looks better. When you decide that the time has come to make your home look better, you are going to want to find the best ways to do it. Some may opt for painting the walls, some may decide to treat themselves to some new furniture.

You might not immediately think of them, but are another great option to consider for your home. But why is this? What makes 2018 the year for the rise of the bedroom shutter?

Bedroom Shutters | TNESC


When it comes to your bedroom, there is a good chance that you are going to want to make sure that you feel secure and above all else, private too. After all, it is your space and you won’t want people to be able to look in and see you. Curtains, of course, offer privacy but they need to be drawn in order to do this, which blocks out the outside world completely. In comparison, bedroom shutters allow you to keep your space private whilst still allowing for light to come in. The ideal balance.

Temperature Control

If you want to be able to get a good night’s sleep, then you are going to need to make sure that your bedroom is the perfect temperature. This isn’t always easy to do. are known to be able to help keep heat in a room, as well as allowing you to open them up, along with the window and keep a breeze flowing through. These are ideal when you want to make sure that your bedroom is the optimum sleeping temperature.

Beautiful Design

Whilst we are not going to be inviting lots of people into our bedrooms any time soon, that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to have a space that you are proud to call your own. A simple way to create a beautiful bedroom is to install wooden bedroom shutters. They are not only available in a variety of styles, but they are available in a range of colours too.


The last thing that you are going to want is to have a bedroom that is cluttered and feels messy. This not only looks less than inviting, but also, a messy room can have an impact on how well you sleep too. Meaning that wooden shutters could be the helping hand that you need to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to face the day.

So, now you know why bedroom shutters are the ideal addition to your home, why not make 2018 the year that you make the investment? We can promise you, over the rest of the year, with a private, dark and warm room, you will be more than happy with your choice.

Why are shutters so popular across London?

It seems that shutters are popular across the world. This is particularly true for those who live in city areas like London. But why is this? What makes people who live in this busy urban area decide to buy London shutters for their home?

They offer privacy

Living in a busy city means that it can be hard to feel that you are ever truly alone. This certainly can be true when you live in London. Even on the outskirts of the city, you are likely to see people walking past your windows on a regular basis. Having wooden shutters installed on the windows in your home mean that you don’t have to worry about a lack of privacy. You can simply close down the shutters and you will be able to block out the outside world, as well as more importantly giving yourself a safe place to live your life.

Wooden Shutters London Home

They help with noise pollution

There are not many drawbacks to living in London. However, one of them is that it is noisy. Not only do people walk past you, as we have already covered, but you are also likely to hear plenty of cars driving along the road too. Without proper protection on your windows, you will find that you hear each and every sound. This might not be too much of a problem whilst you are out of the house, but when you want to relax, unwind and even sleep, the last thing you will want is lots of noise. Of course, many people will have double glazing which will definitely help, but for the ultimate in noise pollution reduction, you may want to add in wooden shutters too.

Enjoy the view!

Whilst it may seem that we have focused on blocking out the outside world, this isn’t always going to be the case. After all, London is a wonderful city and you are going to want to take in everything that makes it such a great place to live. By installing wooden shutters on the windows of your home, you have control over whether you have them open or shut, meaning that if you are in the mood, you can open them up with ease and flood the space with light. You can also tailor them to be at the angle that is best for you, giving you control over the amount of light that you have in your home.

Living in London is wonderful, however, you may want to make sure that your home has some extra protection against noise, or simply just nosey people walking past. One way that you can do this is to buy shutters, which will help you to create the perfect space for you to live in and raise your family in too.

Why Our Luxurious Faux Leather Shutters Are the Perfect Choice

Wood shutters are the best option for homeowners looking to maximize their homes potential and to really showcase their windows. Consider investing in luxurious faux leather shutters. Here are just some of the reasons why this impeccably styled, opulent shutter is perfect for your home.

Shutters that Stand Out

A good quality shutter is something that helps to control light and temperature within the home. They are easily opened to allow a room to be flooded with light or closed off completely for maximum privacy. Versatility is built into every shutter, but there is something special about faux leather shutters. Not only do you maintain the high level of versatility from the design, you gain the ability to have your windows stand out as a focal point in any room. Our world exclusive luxurious faux leather shutters are wonderfully eye catching; they are hugely popular with guests in our showroom and are sure to have the same effect in your own home.

December leather look shutters

Easy to Clean

There are many reasons why homeowners choose to utilise wooden shutters in their home and one of the top reasons is that shutters are remarkably easy to clean. It takes a simple wipe down with a damp cloth to keep them looking their best and our faux leather wooden shutters are no different. Even though the luxurious covering looks and feels just like real leather, it is actually faux leather and therefore easier to clean. The same damp cloth used to clean standard wooden shutters can be used with these.

Colour Options

Homeowners are not looking to have the same shutters as every home on the block. They want to have choices with styles as well as colours. And that is what we provide with our faux leather wooden shutters. Warm tones in various shades provide a comfortable atmosphere for any room and we work to incorporate a variety of colours to choose from. Warm tones, cool shades, natural colours, and even Novasuede varieties are all available, so there really is a style for all tastes.

No Fading

One of the first things people often ask about our faux leather wooden shutters is how the material reacts to sunlight. Standard leather can quickly fade in sun drenched rooms, but our shutters are specially treated to avoid this. Materials used for our faux leather shutters come directly from Majilite. This company specifically designs faux leather materials that maintain their structure without stretching and are not prone to fading affects from UV rays. With our luxurious faux leather wooden shutters, you do not have to think of how much sunlight the room is getting and therefore, they can be installed in any room in the home without fear of over exposure to sunlight.

Long Lasting Beauty

The problem with many window treatment options is that after a few years they begin to look dated alongside changing décor. Our shutters are created to be a timeless addition to any home décor, so when your style changes, your shutters don’t have to. Aside from being beautiful, our faux leather wooden shutters are dependable as well. Wood shutters have long been known for their durability and our hand stitched, faux leather shutters are no different.

Opting for faux leather wooden shutters is an investment for the future. Styles change but our shutters will continue to look impressive and remain as beautiful as the day they were installed. Contact us today and let us take you into the next generation of wooden shutters.

How Can Wood Shutters Help You Cool Down This Summer

Funding energy can generate up to half of the total running costs of a home and where this may be a challenge during winter, it can be an equal, if not greater struggle during the summer months. Certain tactics have proven helpful when cooling a home such as maintaining your existing cooling system with regular checks and changing the filter monthly as well as closing in gaps of the home, but much of a home’s energy is wasted through open windows.

There is a practical and attractive way to solve this problem: wood shutters. Wood shutters, made to seamlessly fit your windows are a fantastic way of keeping your home cooler during the warmest months of the year and here are just some of the ways they do it.

White Plantation Shutters | TNESC

Careful Consideration for Colour
Wood shutters can now be brought in a huge variety of colour options to suit your home interiors and personal style but when it comes to choosing wood shutters for maximum energy efficiency, colour takes on a whole new meaning. Dark colours add a rich and cosy atmosphere to an interior space and what is more, absorb heat from the sun helping to keep your home cooler.
Rooms facing east will be hotter during the morning while windows facing west will maintain more heat during the evening.

Northern exposure rooms have less sunlight and therefore tend to be cooler, but rooms with a southern exposure will have some level of sunlight throughout the day, so homeowners should always make sure that these rooms utilise lighter shades of colour or white for maximum energy efficiency.

Better Light Control
With curtains and even blinds gaps can appear, allowing the sun to flood the room even when they are closed. What is great about wood shutters is their solid material and the fact that they’re designed to lock together, keeping your home cooler, and allowing the sunshine and breeze in when you want it.

Various types of wood shutters offer different advantages for light control. Full length shutters will cover the entirety of a window, so the whole window can be opened or closed. Café shutters cover the bottom portion of the window, so they add a bit of style while allowing the homeowner to control strong sunlight primarily in the morning and evening. Plantation shutters cover the entire window but can be opened and closed individually. These shutters are championed for their beauty and high functionality and are of course, excellent at keeping the interior of any home cool during the summer.

Pair with Other Window Treatments
The cooling effect of wood shutters is great, but on the hottest of days, your home might need a little extra help in keeping the cool air in and the heat of summer out. Wood shutters offer many benefits and look beautiful on both the interior and exterior of a home. They also pair great with drapes to offer a little added comfort without interrupting the exterior look of your home.

When choosing your wood shutters it is important to think of the home’s décor, but you may also want to consider purchasing shutters in a colour that works with a range of different styles. Homeowners can maximize the use and functionality of their shutters by choosing a versatile colour. This is one of the reasons why so many homeowners choose neutral colours as it pairs best with most colours of curtains and other drapes to maximize energy efficiency.

Wood shutters, whether painted or left natural, are beautiful features in any home and have the added bonus of aiding temperature control. Take the time to examine your home’s energy uses and see if wood shutters are the right choice for you and your home.

Click the link provided to explore our luxurious range of plantation shutters

5 Benefits of Conservatory Shutters

Properties come in all shapes and sizes, whether your home is traditional, modern, or somewhere in between one thing is for sure, our homes should always feel comfortable and welcoming. Windows are one of the most important aspects of a home. They let natural light into the space while keeping our property secure. Conservatory shutters are one of the most popular forms of window treatment available today and they come with many different benefits. Here are 5 of the top benefits of conservatory shutters.

Conservatory Shutters - TNESC

1. Versatility – Among the more appealing attributes of conservatory shutters are their versatility. Conservatory shutters work in any style of home and complement all interior design styles.
Even if a home is not intended on being sold any time in the near future, shutters appeal to a board range of individuals and have enduring appeal so are a worthwhile investment.

2. Temperature Control – Conservatory shutters installed throughout a room will allow you to control temperature in the rest of the space as they can be opened and closed independently, delivering the desired amount of light and heat from the sun. As a bonus, conservatory shutters are available in a wide range of different colours. Darker colours absorb the heat of the sun making a space naturally warmer. Lighter colours reflect the sun’s rays, so the room remains remarkably cool even on the hottest of days. When choosing the colour for your conservatory shutters, always keep this fact in mind to ensure your space does not become too hot.

3. Privacy – We all value our privacy at home and when a room is completely full of beautiful windows, this can be somewhat of a challenge. People often turn to curtains or blinds to help with privacy issues, but that does not account for natural gaps between drapes or the air inside the home blowing the curtains around.

Conservatory shutters resolve this issue with impeccable style. There is never an issue when it comes to privacy because the design of the shutters allows them to shut completely without any gaps. Homeowners have the option of opening a portion of the window space or the entire thing depending on the level of privacy they require.

4. Cleaner – Whilst the task of cleaning curtains and blinds is arduous and time consuming shutters are far simpler, they merely require wiping down with a damp cloth. Lack of fabric means that allergens do not get trapped and therefore they are healthier than standard blinds and curtains.

5. Long Lasting – Interior styles change overtime yet shutters will stand the test of time and look fantastic if you should choose to change your furniture and colour scheme. Conservatory shutters are beautiful from day one and remain so throughout the life of the home with very little maintenance on the part of the owner. An owner may have to repaint the shutters from time to time, but apart from cleaning and the occasional fresh coat of paint, the shutters, themselves, maintain their high-quality appearance.

Homeowners take a lot of time designing and decorating the interior of their home so it’s vital they purchase high quality wooden shutters they can trust. Discover more in the link below:

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