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25% off The White Collection



The History of Shutters

Wooden Shutters are said to be timeless, enduring changes in modern design and that if you place shutters on your residence today, they will retain their appeal fifty years from now. Have you ever wondered how and why the design has endured the test of time?

The Origins of Shutters

While the exact start of the wooden shutter is unknown, there is speculation as to the country in which it started. Some say that the beginnings were in Italy and others state that the shutter started in Greece. What is known is that they were more than likely designed in the Mediterranean region as a means to keep off the coastal winds and protect the houses from other hazards. As with many architectural developments of that region, the origins of the material were not wood but marble. The marble, of course, proved to be too costly and too heavy for functional purposes, and so the cheaper solution of wood was implemented and has stayed as the main material since.

Early Functionality

Unlike the shutters that we have today which come with the ability to adjust the louvers, the early shutters had fixed louvers. The design was intended to divert rainwater away from the home. They also hindered insects and rodents from entering the abodes. And while these features solved some problems, these fixed louvers were slightly problematic. As they were fixed downward, the admittance of light was greatly reduced. This was beneficial during some seasons and during sometimes, but for the greater part, the design limited the use.

The Globalization of the Shutter

Shutters began to gain global popularity in the 15th century when exploration and development of the globe were at its peak. The Spanish, as well as the English, used shutters as a means of demonstrating wealth in new societies. The Spanish used a new style of thinner slats while the English maintained the wider louvers on their shutter designs. In America, as the colonies developed, shutters were used on plantation homes and painted, or rather whitewashed, to match the exterior of the homes.

Adding Adjustable Features

Where the adjustable or movable louvers originated is left to legend. It has been suggested that Louis XIV implemented the movable louvers in the 17th century. As the legend goes, Louis XIV used shutters to see what’s occurring in his courts. Yet, the fixed louvers allowed for guards to look upon the courts as well as the king, distracting them from their posts. It is said that the king ordered, movable louvers so that when he desired he could look upon the courts, but when not in use close them to keep his guard’s focus on defenses. Whether this is true or not, it sure does make a good story.

Regardless, the first movable slats were on a peg system and had to be adjusted individually. Today’s design however, are of course far easier to use.

A Transition from Functionality to Fashion

In today’s society, there have been so many developments in the architectural and construction methods to prevent water erosion, improve insulation, and deter outside pestilences from entering that the original purpose of the shutter is somewhat redundant. The functionality has shifted from being a major part of the exterior to being an aesthetic part of the interior of the home. Yes, there are still exterior shutters which are used, yet most shutters are designed for the interior space of the home and are designed to bring the space together. In terms of the functionality of the luxury wooden shutter, most of the options which are on the market today cater to the protection of the glass, the insulation of the room (being that it keeps out the cool air in the winter and can block excessive sunlight in the summer), as well as to offer privacy.

Different but the same

Where some of the materials and placement of louvers and hinges have changed since the shutter was introduced, the overall design and the concept has remained the same. It is for this reason that houses which utilise the wooden shutter tend to have a higher market value than those which only use blinds and curtains. It is expected that the shutters will be a permanent fixture in the home and that they will be desired by those seeking to have luxury window treatments.

The Perfect Guide to Buying Bathroom Shutters

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the home. It’s the room second only to the kitchen in which homeowners are prepared to spend the most when redecorating and renovating their current home. Statistically speaking, it is the most used room in any home and with so much time spent there, it is essential to find the right bathroom shutters for the space. This guide will help you choose the right shutters and make your bathroom just as beautiful as the rest of your home.

Window size

The size of bathroom windows varies greatly of course depending on where you live and the style or age of the home. Windows within a property found in a city location are generally more for utility use and therefore tend to be smaller. The design of smaller windows within a city environment simply makes more sense for privacy purposes. The height of the window will be quite important when choosing what shutters to purchase.

Window size is also an important thing to know when you head to the showroom to view and purchase shutters for the space. Measure the window at least twice before heading out. Shutters are not sold in a way that you will be able to guess or estimate the size. The specific size will allow the showroom sales person to advise you on the best style and number of panels. A tall but narrow window could have one large shutter which will make the room feel larger. Short, but wide windows, will be best suited to having multiple thinner panels in order to enhance the window opening. Square windows benefit from having 3 narrow shutter panels which gives the illusion of greater window height.

Shutter material

The material the shutter is made from is generally the top priority on your shopping list, but in the case of a bathroom, special consideration of the material should be carefully thought out. Bathrooms hold a significant amount of moisture which can lead to mould and mildew. Absorbent materials such as wood and some natural composites can soak up moisture and compromise the integrity of the shutters.

Today, shutters are made from many differing materials, so the homeowner has more choice. The standard and most popular option for bathroom shutters is simple vinyl materials, but these can look cheap and uninviting. Granted they are mould resistant but are not always an attractive option. It is extremely important to ensure that you highlight to the person selling you shutters that they are going to be used in a bathroom environment. They will know the right materials and finishes and may even be able to point you in the direction of stylish wooden shutters, such as cedar wood, which have been properly stained, or painted and sealed to resist any moisture.

Style of the bathroom

Bathroom shutters are much more than just a way to provide ample privacy to the room. They not only reflect the age or period of the home but also project the style and individual personality of the home owner. Bathrooms have become more and more stylish throughout the years and having an ‘on trend’ bathroom with standard shutters is no way to showcase your newly designed and made over bathroom to any guests.

Spend time and choose wisely on what really suits your home or the style you wish to portray in your bathroom. For a classic timeless style consider calming colours such as off white, greys, or natural woods, are all easy to work with when you may decide in the future on a fresh coat of paint or accessory colour change.

For more of a contemporary or trending style, consider faux leather covered shutters, these will not only create a statement but be the envy of all who see them. If perhaps something not too bold is more favourable to you then the true white shutter is perfect to complement any space. The shutters should of course look good on the inside and seamlessly fit with the interior decor but also must have a good appearance from the outside so as not to clash with the exterior style as well when fully closed.

Bathroom Shutters


Like most home furnishings, shutters vary in price depending on brand, style, and the materials used to make them. Before heading out to the showrooms to purchase your new bathroom shutters, understand your maximum budget for the project. Although you do not want to completely spend your entire redecorating budget with the cost of the shutters, you will want to devote a significant amount to ensure that you can select the highest quality shutters that will be a good invest for the future.


With the bathroom being used more than any other, the shutters chosen will need to be durable enough to stand up to rigorous use. Shutters which are found in the lower end of the cost spectrum will clearly save budget and be less outlay initially in the short term. However, often these shutters show much more wear and tear earlier on in their lifespan and therefore must be replaced sooner. Taking the time to buy durable shutters made from the best materials with quality fixings will provide you with a greater longevity of the product and maintain the expected style without having to constantly change them out. Properly maintained solid wood shutters in any room can last for many years, so the more durable the shutters, the happier the homeowner will be.

Buying shutters for a bathroom on a whim is not a very practical idea. When shopping, take pictures of your windows and overall bathroom to ensure that you get the right shutters for the expected look. The salesperson will be a great help to assist in giving advice when looking for a specific style and will be able to advise the best solution for all factors of the bathroom. It might also be a good idea to take pictures of the exterior of your home to ensure that nothing clashes there as well. The right shutters in the bathroom can add significant value to any home.

Ways to use shutters to maximise space and light

When you are designing the interior of your home, you are going to want to make sure that it’s a perfect reflection of your personality and your own personal sense of style. Not only this, but you are also going to want to make sure that you are making the most of all available space you have.

Will shutters impact on the sense of space that my room has?

Whilst the idea of having a warm and cosy room is great for your home, the last thing that you are going to want is for it to feel cramped and enclosed. This means that when designing the space, you will want to make it seem lovely and spacious, inviting and welcoming.

A concern for some people is that adding shutters to their home may impact on the airy, open and expansive style they want to achieve, that shutters could mean they are going to lose some of the space and overall design desired. However, this is not true for shutters. In fact, they can even add a sense of increased space to a room; highlighting elongated windows; adding another texture or colour, crisp white shutters can help reflect and bounce light around the room. Shutters can also provide a focus point as well as design statement to coordinate a sophisticated style, tailored to your own colour scheme and interior textures they offer a great choice of variety to that of other window dressing options.

This includes curtains. Because curtains fit around a window, they will impose on the rest of the space that you have in your room. Particularly if they are made from a thick or heavy fabric. In comparison, shutters will sit within the window recess, and flush against the window itself, which means that you don’t lose too much of that precious space.

Will shutters affect the light that can come into my room?

Another consideration when it comes to installing shutters into your home, is whether they will have an impact on the amount of light that comes into the room. One of the main benefits of installing shutters into your home is the fact that you have complete control over the amount of light that comes in.

This means that you can make sure that you let in light just when you want to illuminate the space and make it appear larger and full of light, or shut them off slightly when you feel that the light is becoming too much. Not only this, but if you opt for lighter coloured wood, or even white shutters then you will find that any light that you do let in will bounce off and reflect the light that is entering in the room and will give it a beautifully open and airy look that you will be proud to call your own. As you can see, rather than limiting the amount of light that comes into the space, you will find that your room will look beautiful and welcoming with just a little help from shutters. Now you just have to decide which style of shutter is right for you.

How to Decide on the Best Shutters for your Home

Over recent years it seems that bespoke interior shutters are becoming increasingly popular, with many people preferring the convenience and style of shutters over traditional window coverings such as curtains and blinds. Not only do made-to-measure shutters look great, with a myriad of colours and styles available, but they also have a wide range of other benefits that can improve the functionality of your home.

Internal shutters hold numerous benefits. The most obvious benefit must be their ability to block out excess noise and light as well as increasing the level of privacy and security in your home. Additionally, interior shutters will help to improve both insulation and ventilation in a property; this will help to keep your home warmer in the winter months, locking in warmth and preventing the loss of heat through windows. Similarly, shutters have their benefits in the summer season, allowing a flow of air throughout your home while still maintaining a level of privacy, the ability to adjust the amount of direct sunlight into your room and of course security, which you would not have with an open window, curtains, or blinds.

In addition to practical benefits, interior shutters can be the perfect stylish finishing touch to your home’s interior; a beautiful complement to a variety of décor aesthetics. With a bespoke shutter service, you have an even wider choice of styles; such as traditional Café shutters covering just the lower part of your windows through to full height, solid panels. There are a variety of finishes and textures also offered for your shutters too; from natural woods, paint finishes, fabric panels and even faux leather or suede coverings, you can complete your home with a truly unique and personal touch.

Your shutters can be as individual to you as your home.


How can Wood Shutters add Value to your Home?

Whilst you may currently be happy living in your home, there could come a time when you want to sell up and move somewhere else. If this is true for you, then there is a good chance that you are going to want to make sure that you maximise the amount of money that your home could make if you sold it.

There are of course numerous ways you can improve your property to try and add some additional value to your home. One such interior décor area that may not instantly come to mind but one that really provides a chic and elegant finishing touch to any room are beautiful interior shutters. This instant transformation of a room is easy for the experts to achieve. Here are some reasons why shutters can help add value to your home:

They improve kerb appeal
When it comes to viewing a property, first impressions are going to prove key. You will want to make sure that those people coming to view your home instantly love what they see; from the moment that they get out of their car this will be the expectation and lasting impression they will carry into the house. One way that you can do this is to take a good look at the exterior of your home and judge what kerb appeal your property has. Installing shutters is simply a great way to achieve this, not only do shutters look stylish but they also add an instant sense of luxury.

They can help the rooms to seem more spacious
Heading inside a house, shutters can really help with the look and feel of the rooms. You are going to want to make sure that your home appears airy, light and spacious, without having blinding light let into each room. Shutters allow you to easily control the amount of light that is let in which means that you can make sure that the room is illuminated and shown off to just the right level and its best advantages.

They increase security and privacy
Everyone wants to feel secure in their own home and one key aspect for us all is to protect our privacy where ever possible. Shutters are a great way of achieving this. You can close them partially or by section and completely when you feel the need to. This means that you are going to feel secure and private in your own home, which is exactly the reason why many people find them

They are durable
When you are buying a property, you want to make sure that the fixtures and fittings that are included with the property are to the best quality. If you invest in solid wood shutters for your windows, then you are likely to find that they are long lasting and designed to stand the test of time. This is a sure fire way to appeal to potential buyers and make sure that they are interested in your property.

Wood Shutters are a great addition to your home. Not only whilst you are living there, but also as you look at selling up and moving onto a new home.

Living Room Shutters

Ten Reasons to Buy Window Shutters

If you are in search of a new interior style which can combine traditional elegance with contemporary chic, then window shutters are certainly a wise choice. Window shutters do not purely just offer slick aesthetic appeal; they provide a range of amazing benefits for your home as well.

Due to their bespoke finishes and everlasting appeal, window shutters can be designed and made to fit almost any home design. Shutters come in a variety of different styles such as cafe style, full height shutters and tier on tier. For those who wish to create a real statement then an unusual finish like our beautifully stitched faux leather and faux suede covered shutters exclusive to TNESC.

Easy living
Compared to a variety of other window coverings, shutters are surprisingly easy to manage. With an occasional dust down – shutters stay clean. As opposed to other window coverings options like curtains for example which are open to stains, smells, deterioration and can present a breeding ground for dust mites, there are many benefits of shutters all contributing to a low maintenance home.

Suitable for all over the home
Shutters can be used all over the home from the kitchen to the bathroom, with such flexibility these elegant designs can be designed to fit seamlessly within any room. For maximum style and light protection, roof shutters can even be applied to conservatories and roof lights. For inspiration of designs all over the house, see more interior shutter designs here.

Smart investing
Do shutters add value to your home? This is a frequently asked question when adding different fixtures to your home. We can confidently say yes, beautifully made high quality shutters do! High quality solid wood shutters are a highly desirable asset on the housing market; they add to that all-important kerb appeal govern privacy and help to create atmosphere in your room! Why not contribute to the character and value of your property by helping it stand out in a crowded market.

Shutters can come in a variety of shapes and sizes each designed to mold seamlessly to the size of your windows, doors and = lights. We design and manufacture custom handmade shutters to all requirements in any home to help create that all-important unique character.

Maximum control
Shutters, unlike curtains and other window coverings they create complete control for the user. Shutter louvres can be angled to the direction you desire to enable you to control the light and privacy in your room.

Built to last
We source only the finest grade of timber from environmentally responsible suppliers. Our Tulipwood comes from the Appalachian Mountains in the eastern New England region of America. Our shutters are crafted by dedicated highly skilled craftsmen who lovingly hand sand and hand spray each piece of timber to give a fine furniture grade finish. Its this attention to detail which allows you to see the beautiful wood grain on the final finish of each shutter. We do not use laminate or finger joints when assembling our shutters.

Keeping things private
One major benefit of adding shutters to your home is privacy. Shutter louvres can be easily adjusted to your privacy needs. If you live at street level, angling your louvres downwards will block the view to inside your home but will still allow light and air flow.

Heat and sound insulation
Shutter louvres can be angled to enable you to dictate how much light enters each room, which in turn lets you control the amount of heat, draught and noise. This can be extremely helpful when trying to cool your home down on a bright summer’s day or to stay warm on a winter’s day. One great advantage to shutters is the simplicity of operating the shutter rod or just a touch of a finger to allow you find exactly the light/heat you prefer and are happy with. We are often asked if shutters can be subject to light damage, all of our shutters are hand finished with an invisible UV protective layer, which prevents any fading or any warping.

Making your home elegant
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, solid wood shutters create an unrivalled elegance in a home. With so many design and style options, from leather and suede to the more traditional Victorian styles, with the fine combination of luxury and durability, there’s no wonder why our shutters are the first choice for architects, designers, discerning homeowners and commercial clients.

For more information on how to buy shutters please see the link provided.

Kensington Apartment

Huntsmore project managed the design and build of this large two bedroom apartment in Kensington. As part of a purpose built block, the design had to be sympathetic to the property’s age and surroundings.

The full renovation project involved the design of a fully integrated shaker style deVOL kitchen and two bathrooms.

The White Collection, traditional plantation shutters, gives the kitchen a hint of a traditional look but with an overall modern feel. An acrylic paint finish on our shutters provides an additional moisture barrier for areas exposed to moisture or water.

Browse through our gallery and see how a set of stylish shutters can transform your living space.

Image Credit: Huntsmore ( and Chris Snook Photography

Combine Our Shutter Designs: For the Homeowner seeking the utmost unique style

Combine traditional elegance with contemporary style and create a unique window dressing or room divider with our Mixed Design custom made shutters.

To produce truly bespoke shutters, we employ only skilled craftsmen in our joinery workshop which enables us to offer flexibility in every component of your shutter. We will design a shutter that is made to fit, not made to measure.

Choose any one of our louvre and solid panel designs and combine it for a sleek design with style, form and function.

These room dividing shutter panels combine our traditional plantation louvres on top with our solid Victorian design panel on the bottom.

Browse through our gallery and see how a set of stylish shutters can transform your living space.




Period Victorian Renovation

Huntsmore are an award-winning project management firm based in Kensington, specialising in the renovation and restoration
of period Victorian homes.

Working closely with Eamonn Agha, we designed and manufactured our traditional plantation shutters in a tier on tier style to maximise privacy and light for his clients’ recently renovated home in SW18.

For areas exposed to moisture or water, kitchens and bathrooms, cedar wood with an acrylic paint finish provides the ideal moisture barrier to preserve the solid timber and fine furniture grade finish of your shutter

Browse through our gallery and see how a set of stylish shutters can transform your living space.

A room with a view: Floor to ceiling sliding shutters

Make an impact in any room with our floor to ceiling sliding shutters. Our shutters offer a clean, crisp and modern way to provide privacy and light within any space.

Our private client in Wimbledon selected our Manhattan design which allows you to operate the blades using your fingertips.

Ultra-smooth German sliding track mechanism allows for effortless movement of our 2.65m tall panels which were custom designed with 100mm side stiles.

Browse through our gallery and see how a set of stylish shutters can transform your living space.

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