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25% off The White Collection



Why Tier on Tier Wooden Shutters are Right for Any Style Home

Wooden shutters add a beautiful focal point to any home. They provide privacy while also letting the light in, but some homeowners are under the misconception that all shutters are the same. This is simply not true. You are most likely to have heard of both plantation and colonial style shutters, but tier on tier shutters are becoming more and more popular with interior designers and homeowners everywhere. Here are just some of the reasons why these amazing shutters work with any style home.

Optimal Privacy Control

One of the biggest attributes of wood shutters the ability they provide in allowing complete control of your privacy. Tier on tier shutters go even further with this concept. Instead of controlling the entire window, homeowners can choose to open the upper or lower shutters depending on how much privacy they desire. An equally ideal window solution for detached residential houses as well as apartment living where privacy can be a challenge.

Tier on tier shutters are especially helpful at night when privacy is upmost in our minds. The bottom shutters can be closed whilst the top stays open to still allow in the natural moonlight, again without interrupting a need for privacy.

Light at its Best

A well-lit room is a comfortable room, but sometimes, an overabundance of light can be a bad thing. Controlling light in your room is just as important as your privacy, shutters in general are wonderful at doing this and tier on tier shutters even more so. One of the significant advantages over standard shutter styles is the split design; direct sunlight as well as indirect light is controllable. Opening the top tier provides ample direct light whilst shutting it and opening the bottom half provides ample light without the blinding effects of direct sunlight.


If we all lived in the exact same style of house, life would be remarkably boring. Homes reflect individuality on the interior as well as exterior design. Windows are just as versatile as the homes they provide light for, so tier on tier shutters are designed in just as many customisable options. The homeowner need simply to measure the windows and choose a design style and finish that fits with the interior décor. Even if your home maintains an unusually shaped window which may present difficulties to fit with standard shutter options, tier on tier shutters can be custom built from the smallest window all the way up to the largest.

Variable Styles

Often, window treatments are entirely dependent upon the home’s décor. Some options do not work with a traditional style, while others do not look right in a modern styled home. Shutters are always a versatile option and tier on tier shutters take the concept to the ultimate level as these shutters work well in all forms of homes from traditional, to modern, to eclectic styles. There is no limit to what you can achieve with beautifully styled tier on tier shutters. Age, style, or décor have little bearing on your ability to fit a home with exceptionally designed shutters of this nature.

Easy to Clean

Homes can get cluttered quickly and the ability to easily clean window treatments is essential. A dusty set of shutters can bring down the bright décor of a space and make a room look dated and uninviting. Wood shutters such as tier on tier shutters are easy to clean. They can be wiped down with either a slightly damp cloth or a good quality feather duster to ‘flick’ along the blades from back to front to remove any accumulated dust.

The fact that the shutters open easily and can even in some cases be completely taken out of the frames to clean effectively is another key feature.

Add Value

Homeowners throughout the world look for ways to add value to their homes. Where most estate agents will agree that having a well-designed bathroom and kitchen are significant ways to add value to the home, they would also say that tier on tier shutters add value. When the home is viewed by potential buyers, they will be able to visualise more of the space and have direction on how they can design a specific room using the shutters as an anchor point. Potential buyers will be equally drawn to the fact that they will not have to invest in window treatments should they purchase the home. Less to think about for post purchase expenses!

Tier on tier shutters make any room the star of a home and the exceptional quality they bring will make a homeowner the envy of any neighborhood. Take the time to examine your home and consider the many advantages to installing tier on tier shutters today.

How to Pick the Perfect Café Style Shutters

Throughout your home, specific choices for furnishings and décor can either add or take away from interior design features. Although most of a home’s living space will be taken up by stand alone or fitted furniture, flooring coverings and soft furnishings, attention to our windows is often overlooked. However, windows speak volumes both from the exterior and interior, homeowners can add untold value to their home simply by putting focus and effort into their window treatment options.

Traditionally, windows utilise curtains or possibly blinds to block out the sun, but there is far more choice now available for windows than these simple functional options. Shutters have proven to be the ideal solution for any home as they can be adapted to fit a range of styles and are known for increasing visual impact and appeal for perspective home buyers. Even if you are not solely intent on selling your home, a stunning option could be café style shutters for your windows. Here are some tips to ensure that you get the exact look you want when picking out your new shutters.

Measure Properly

Café style shutters do not come in a ‘one size fits all’ variety. They are built specifically for each individual window and therefore measuring is key to getting the right look. Only the bottom portion of the window needs to be measured as this is where the shutters cover. Proper measuring requires noting down the width and height whilst also accounting for the frame of the window itself. Make certain that you use an accurate measuring device and measure everything at least twice. Write down the measurements and do not simply rely on your memory when going to your shutter showroom.

Pick Colours Carefully

It is relatively easy to pick out a colour for your new café style shutters, but there is much more to consider than simply what shade works best with your current décor. Where a stylish unique colour might bring interest to your space, it does not mean it will add any value to the look. Neutral colours are more appealing to a wider range of interior designs. Whether you intend on living in your home forever or looking to sell in a few years, you will appreciate the fact that a neutral colour palette will work with changing décor and without having to replace your shutters. A stunning set of beautiful coloured shutters will also bring in more interest as potential buyers will better be able to match their décor choice to the shutters. They will also not have to contend with installing shutters themselves, so the appeal is quite substantial.

Think of Texture and Materials

Most people are under the misconception that café style shutters simply come in one finish and texture. This might have been the case a few years ago before designers started experimenting with various textures, but not any longer. Café style shutters come in as many colours, textures and finishes as any other style shutter; standard wood grain finishes are of course an ever-popular choice, but also buyers can choose from finishes such as faux leather or suede. Many of these new types of finishes add an additional luxurious feel to the space, so they are certainly something to consider.

The Room Itself

As with all forms of shutters, café style shutters require consideration for the orientation of the room in relation to the sun. An easterly facing room will catch more sunlight during the morning and a westerly facing room will bring in sunlight in the evening.  North and south facing rooms face similar issues, but with a north facing room the space will maintain less light during the day. A southern exposure will gain access to light throughout the day and therefore may require more attention to the colour and material used for the shutters.

Pairing with Other Treatments

The option of pairing café style shutters with curtains brings a softer appeal to any room. It provides alternatives for when the sun is simply too much without taking away the appeal of the shutters. When pairing these two items, make sure that the curb appeal of your home is not affected. From the outside, rooms facing the same direction should always have similar colours and styles of window treatments.

Café style shutters are beautiful and add interest to any home. Whether viewing them from the inside or the outside, they bring and an old world traditional style to the home and add a distinct character to any home.  So, if you are looking to add value to your house, café style shutters are the way to go. Shutters last longer than standard blinds or even curtains and can be made to measure for any window space.

How to Choose the Right Bedroom Shutters for Your Children’s Room

The right décor for individual rooms of a home is essential to make the space unique and allow everyone to feel comfortable within. Furnishings, flooring, paint, and miscellaneous objects throughout a home are all a significant part of a cohesive décor, but window treatments should never be an afterthought. Where curtains and blinds do have their place, the most attractive and practical option for any window is shutters. They provide light when necessary as well as privacy and bringing a fresh, updated look to any room.

Although most homeowners focus their primary attention on the main living space of their homes for specialised window treatments such as shutters, special attention should also be given to children’s rooms. A child’s room is ideally a relaxing special room personalised to them; a place to recharge and rest for the next day ahead. But there is nothing to say, the room should not be anchored by a beautiful set of bedroom shutters. Here are some tips for choosing the right shutters for your child’s room:


A child’s room will never be the most ‘spic and span’ room in the entire house. By the pure nature of little ones that grow into larger ones, they have the tendency to add their own personal art to furniture, walls, carpets and anything that gets in the way of little hands with pots of paint! Even when grown up most children never really understand the concept of cleaning up and being tidy. Naturally it’s up to the parents to ensure that the cleaning details are taken care of, so when considering window dressing and treatment shutters provide the ideal minimum clean and maintenance option. Shutters remain beautiful and just as easy to clean as standard windows.

If your home’s décor calls for real shutters and you want to maintain the same effect in a child’s room, shutters are available in a variety of different finishes and styles to make cleaning easy. The smooth finishes on the shutters allow for an easy wipe over.

We recommend using a good quality feather duster to ‘flick’ along the blades from back to front to remove any accumulated dust. Should any marks appear on painted shutters use a very slightly damp soft cloth to remove the mark and then dry off any residual moisture with a dry lint-free cloth. We do not recommend using any sort of furniture polish or cleaning solution on any of our shutters.

Blackout blinds can also be supplied with our shutters for total block of light if needed in a nursery for example.

Orientation of the Room

Shutters come in a range of styles and finishes that fit perfectly with a wide variety of interior design, but the interior is not the only aspect a homeowner should be concerned with. Consistency on the outside of a home is just as important. The front of a home facing the street should have a consistent pallet of shutters in every window for optimal visual appeal. Should the child’s room face this direction, it is best to start with the child’s room to get the right shutters and then utilize the same format across the home. Provided the room faces an opposite direction, a little inconsistency will be less noticeable from the outside.


It is relatively easy to choose shutters that work within the rest of the home, but a child’s room is rather unique in its décor. It is not merely about the furnishings, but the mere fact that a child’s room regularly changes throughout their life. You do not want to have to change shutters each time your child comes up with a new colour scheme for their room, choosing a neutral color that works best with a wide variety of colour schemes and tones will be the best solution. Due to most children being drawn to bright, vibrant hues, it might be in the best interest of the room to stick to standard white shutters or light shades in pastels which will contrast well with pops of bright accent colours.


The rest of the home might be relatively quiet and undisturbed, but children’s rooms tend to be the area of a home that are prone to more accidents. Investing in cheap constructed shutters might seem like the best option, but the materials are often flimsy and break very easily. Take the time to invest in top quality shutters for the room. This will allow for less breakage from rough play and the quality wood shutters maintain their beauty for many years where simply blinds or imitation shutters degrade quickly.

Think of Light

How much light you want in the room is the true question. For rooms that are smaller and naturally darker colonial shutters are a great choice, they open completely to allow for maximum or minimum light to flood the space. Rooms that are already relatively light and need a bit of privacy, plantation shutters block out more light, but can be opened when necessary for additional sun.

Shutters add significant value to any home and even if you are not intent on selling the home in the near future, shutters make homes sparkle with style and finesse. Homeowners interested in selling their home should consider the investment; beautiful window treatments throughout the home is a significant draw to perspective buyers. Shutters also make rooms look more finished; meaning the new owner will have the perception of a ‘ready to move into home’. No matter what your motive, installing shutters in every room of the home, including children’s rooms, will enhance the appearance and functionality of the home.

Some tips for making the most of Victorian homes

Victorian homes typically have an ambience all their own. Aesthetically, the houses give off a definitive vibe of the late 19th to early 20th century architecture. These narrow and tall buildings often feature turrets and towers, large windows and porches. Since the buildings were made to trump those around them, it is quite common to find unique custom interior features. Yet, for all the flare and glamour of the Victorian home, modern design requires a bit of stylising to merge both the antiquated core structure and the modern living necessities together. Here are some tips for making the most of your Victorian Home.

How does the interior trim look?

Interiors of the Victorian period homes tend to have numerous trim and molding. During that era, the trim was created rather large as, again, the point was for every elegance to be seen and noted. However, in modern design, simple and minimal sometimes yields the greatest impact. In rooms where the trim competes with the interior decorum of the space, it is advised that you minimize this by either painting the trim to a hue that blends with the adjoining wall or that you replace the trim with an option which is subtler.

Consider the rug

An easy way in which you can style your Victorian Home is to use a throw rug. This serves two purposes. Firstly, the rug acts as an accent to the wooden floors which are predominate in this style home. So long as your floor does not have an abundance of scuffs and scratches, a throw rug should highlight the natural beauty of the home. Secondly, as the floors are hardwood, which is an asset, you will not want to completely cover the space. However, by adding the rug, you give the lower sector of the room some artistic/aesthetic draw. Finally, by adding a throw rug, the space can be updated as trends and fashions change without compromising the integrity of the flooring.

Paint and Plaster

While the interior of your Victorian style may have smooth walls, they might not be the best interior walls for the home. Building construction during the Victorian era used primarily plaster, if and when they decided to have smooth walls. Due to this, you may find that there are unsightly cracks and holes in the interior space. One way to remedy this is to replace non-load bearing walls with a studded sheet rock wall. This can be costly.

Another option is to re-plaster and paint the existing walls. Ensure that you have the walls inspected by a professional prior to painting or plastering. Covering up a crack or a hole does not fix structural problems. Once the integrity of the space has been confirmed, paint the walls to match the interior design. As there is a plethora of colors available, and as Victorian homes are known for their eccentric design, there is really no limit to what you could do with the space.

Update the bay windows

One of the main features of the Victorian house is an abundance of bay and large windows. And while you may have the occasional stained glass or mosaic window (which should not be replaced but only refurbished and restored if needed), many of the windows will be standard glass. Yes, the framing may be a bit eclectic, with the raised eyebrow design, or the framing, but one will see that when looking at the actual window, that many are just wooden double hung or picture with double hung flankers.

Consider updating the window with double paned glass. Additionally, you may wish to have the window cases updated to metal. Awning windows can be exchanged for easy to clean fold out windows. Even if you choose to keep the aesthetic look and feel, the glass should be exchanged for UV resistant glass.

Update the shutters and siding

An interior is only part of the styling that you can do to your Victorian style home. While the windows will play a huge role in the overall aesthetics, the siding and the shutters will really bring the house together or cause issues. It is important that when updating and styling your Victorian home, that you have clean paint and siding on the house. As many of the Victorian homes where painted white, you may wish to go with an exterior color that does not accent dirt and grime as much (such as a light blue or a tan).

Wooden shutters can help to frame the windows of the exterior while not taking away from the periodic ambiance that the homes capture. Furthermore, the wooden shutters help to mask any metal framing which you might have used for the windows. This is especially helpful with homes which have wooden frame designs, intricate details etched in some of the windows, and plain sliding windows. The shutters bring a continuity to the space.

Don’t try to modernize it too much

One mistake that homeowners tend to have is that they try to change the overall style of the home. While you do wish to have a house which is comfortable to live in and that people are happy to see, you do not want to change the home so much that the Victorian attributes disappear.

How to Find the Perfect Interior Design for Your White Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters have been around for many years, but recently, they have begun to become more common. Window treatments come in a range of styles, but there is something so unique about plantation shutters that add depth and variety to any room. Some people, however can have difficulty matching their décor to shutters, so here are some ways you can accent your white plantation shutters through exceptional interior design.

Play with Colour

White is a remarkably forgiving and work well with a variety of colours. Too many homeowners look to a monochromatic colour pallet. Where this sort of design can work for specific spaces, it can also be viewed as unimaginative and dull. Colour is always a friend and when used correctly provides variety, intrigue, and imagination to the space. Pops of bright colours throughout the space will bring a feeling of fun and enjoyment to liven up the space. Shades of reds, blues, greens, and yellows work great for colour pops. Consider adding in a brightly coloured accent rug, colourful seating, or even paint an old piece of furniture for an interesting way to bring out the beauty in your white plantation shutters.

Even if bright colours are not what you want for the space, pastels, earth tones, and other muted tones work well with white plantation shutters. Light yellows, blues, and greens have a more calming effect on a room and accent natural light best. When using earth tones, keep it light and use these pieces for accents rather than for the entire colour pallet. This will enable the room to remain rustic and homey, but without being overpowered with dark tones.

Think of Patterns

Playing with colour in a room is a lot of fun, but keep in mind that solid colours throughout a room can be beautiful, but do not always have the ideal fun effect. Today, we have more choices for the furnishings placed in a room and interior designers are always pairing fun prints with solid colours to add necessary variety. White plantation shutters are very forgiving and work well with patterns of all styles. For this reason, even novice designers can make a room look professional with just a few pattern rich accents such as table cloths, throw pillows, and corresponding patterns on accent chairs.

Pair with Window Dressings

White plantation shutters are beautiful all on their own, but they are also great to pair with other forms of window coverings. It is not recommended that you cover the shutters, but draped solid colour, sheer, or decorative shades make the space look a bit more elegant and refined.

Another idea is to use a valence for the top frame of a window. Floor to ceiling window are often a desire, but rarely are an option unless an owner intends on completely remodelling a space. A valence is a good idea to mimic the floor to ceiling window effect on a budget and this is another instance where the white colour works will with practically any type of valence.

Warm Woods Throughout

Wood flooring is an ideal way to add additional warmth to a room and accent white wood shutters. It is also not essential to match colours specifically as white goes well with both dark and light wood tones.

When laying the floor, think of how the shutter slats are laid as well. For a more linear look and pleasing appearance to the eye, the slats should run the same way. Textures working against each other and moving in opposite direction might seem fun, but it actually confuses the eye on a subconscious level leading to a negative feel to the space.

Light Effects

Shutters are functional pieces of window coverings that allow the proper light to come into the space and provides the owner with a specific amount of control. When considering what furnishings to add to the space, think about how much light you intend on bringing into the room and which way the room faces in accordance with the sun. A room with direct sunlight needs to have furniture with fabrics resistant to fading. Rooms that still maintain plenty of light, but are not directly in line with the sun’s rays can utilize less UV resistant furnishings. Those new to interior design tend not to think of furniture in long terms, but those that maintain UV resistant furniture will keep the bright, beautiful furnishings that bring the room together without having to invest in more in a few years.

There is no need to become a professional interior designer to get the right look for your white wood shutters. The materials as well as the colour are forgiving and work will with many different styles. The most important thing is to have fun while decorating and let your personality come out in the furnishings, colours, patterns, and textures chosen.

Wooden shutters make a healthy home

If you have never had wooden shutters on your home, then you may not know the benefits of ownership. And while there are aesthetic reasons for having wooden shutters on your house, there are also some functional and economic reasons for choosing wooden shutters, such as an increase in the equity of your home. With today’s designs and variety, any homeowner can implement them into their interior design. Wooden shutters make a healthy home, and here is why.


When it comes to the health of your home, security is one of the top factors. Wooden shutters offer a means of maximising the privacy of your home while not diminishing the interior design. The shutters are designed so that you can look out of the window, open the shutters for a full view of the area outside, while not allowing prying eyes to investigate the space when the wooden shutters are closed. A home which does not have the contents displayed to would be prowlers is less apt to be robbed. Per an outdoor living article by Alex Kuchel, shutters are a preventive measure and not a reactive measure. Unlike an alarm that trips only when there is a break in, shutters make it difficult to gauge the contents of the home, hence deterring any break-ins.

Weather Deterrent

While we cannot control the weather or the natural elements, we can protect the health of our home with wooden shutters. Wooden shutters deter harmful weather in several ways. Firstly, the shutters act as a barrier from harsh winds. This is extremely helpful in areas where there may be storms or torrential winds. The shutters take much of the blow from these damaging events, preventing glass breakage and, consequently, damage to the interior of the home.

When the weather is mild with light rains, the shutters re-route water away from the window and foundation, helping to minimise erosion and water damage to the structure of the house. On sunny days, the shutters can work alongside the UV resistant glass of the windows to lower the probability of fading to photographs, damage to TVs and computer screens from sunlight, and control the temperature of the interior space.

Controlling the light

Not just exterior light plays to the health of the home. Ambient lighting contributes to the overall mood of the house. And while you may not see this as part of the health of the home, it is. A room whose lighting is less than ideal is apt to become a room which is neglected. No one wants to sit in a chair that consistently has a glare from light.

Wooden Shutters add longevity to the home

Well-constructed wooden objects tend to last a long time. With modern technology and construction methods, the wooden shutters of today are apt to outlast the homeowner. And, as wooden shutters could be custom made to fit any window, there is no reason that the home cannot have the continuity between the shutters in one room and the shutters in another. Comparatively, plastic and metal window shutters do not have the same longevity or customization as the wooden shutter. Often, plastic shutters will bend and break in mere months, especially if the shutters are installed in a zone which has higher temperatures (as plastics, regardless of the construction are susceptible to becoming pliable with sunlight).

Wooden shutters have the longevity, the customization, and the functionality that make them ideal for any house. Therefore, homes which have wooden shutters will appraise for more than houses which do not. Wooden shutters are considered a permanent upgrade/renovation to the interior space while plastic blinds are only a temporary aesthetical change.

Easier Maintenance and Cleaning

Apart from the structure and the functionality of the wooden shutter, the health of your home can be increased due to their easy to clean and maintain design. When you have cloth blinds, you should wash the cloth periodically to remove dust and other unwanted debris from them. Yet, often this does not occur. Plastic blinds are often neglected, not because we do not wish to clean them, but rather because they are so flimsy that we are afraid that we will break them. At most, they get dusted, but still, that is not enough to minimize air toxins and debris which can nest on them.

Wooden shutters are very easy to maintain and clean. Some wooden shutters even allow you the ability to remove panels for easier cleaning and maintenance.

Why conservatory shutters are the perfect addition to any home

Conservatories create an astounding opportunity to restore space and extend your home. They allow you to bask in the enchantments of the outdoors whilst remaining inside. At The New England Shutter Company in 2018, we have seen huge popularity in conservatory shutters as they give a true balance of privacy, light and heat control creating an exquisite solution for your conservatory’s roof and windows. With their unparalleled style and a vast number of benefits to both your home and comfort.

The benefits shutters present to your home

Whilst improved aesthetics are a clear benefit to having shutters, conservatory shutters present real opportunity to increase your property value. The home improvement choice adds real longevity and timeless style. Shutters also present a practical solution with temperature control to keep bills manageable in the winter with the option of complete privacy for sheer bliss. Controlling light isn’t just for the benefit of your own comfort, it can also create an irresistible inviting cosiness and ambience to introduce some romance to your surroundings.

Finding the right style for you

Choosing the right style and design is essential to finding the right shutters to make your conservatory just as charismatic as the rest of your home. Always consider the style of your home, from traditional plantation to ultra-sleek; we have a unique range of shutter louvre designs to suit your interior decor. We also offer a wide range of solid timbers which are finished using water-resistant colour matched acrylic paint.

For a contemporary or trending interior design style, our faux leather covered shutters truly create a statement in any conservatory. From any one of our blade designs, styles or finishes, window shutters for conservatory roofs, glass buildings and lantern lights bring architectural definition as well as infinitely adjustable solar shading and privacy.

To learn more about the different styles see our gallery of visually stunning conservatory shutters in the link provided.

Important aspects to consider

The size of your window is a fundamental aspect of your shutter design and style. Be sure to measure the height and width, for a step-by-step guide on how to measure your window please see here. Consider the position of the shutters and angles – conservatory shutter designs are extremely flexible and can fit any style of conservatory. We can provide customised shutters for any roof angle or shape of the window, be it arched, triangular, circular or just unusual.

Uniquely, TNESC is the only company that can vary every element within the design of a shutter; from the blade size, the distance between the blades, rail and side stile sizes, to the depths and height of a mid-rail. This flexibility allows us to design a shutter that is made to fit, not made to measure, our experienced team will guide you every step of the way.

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How to style your space with living room shutters

When it comes to our living room, we want to make sure this part of our home has everything it needs to look as good as it can be. Not only should this room be comfortable and welcoming, but it could really do with being stylish too.

There are a variety of ways that you can choose to style your living room and one way that you may not realise is living room shutters. So, how can you style your living room with shutters?

Make your bay windows look even more beautiful

Bay windows are popular in living rooms because not only do they look great, but they also allow for plenty of light to be let in. It always seems a shame if you cover over such a beautiful focal point in your room with thick curtains, which is why living room shutters have become a popular choice. They allow for you to control the light that comes into the room, without hiding away the beauty of the ever popular bay window.

Give a neutral room some warmth

Neutral colour schemes have become all the more popular of late - particularly in modern homes. The only trouble with neutral colour schemes is that they can sometimes feel a little on the cold side, if they are not done right of course. You need to remember that you have to find ways to warm up the space. Wood always works well for this, some may choose furniture, some may choose wooden flooring. Another great choice are wooden shutters. The great thing about these are that not only do they add style to your room, they also help with insulation and light control too.

They don’t just have to be about the windows

When you think about living room shutters, then chances are that you are going to picture shutters on windows. However, this isn’t the only way that you can use them. Shutters are also ideal for open plan living spaces. They can be placed on tracks and then pulled across an open space to separate multi-purpose areas. These can then be folded away when you don’t need them. This is ideal for those people who love having an open plan living space, but that want to be able to close it off from time to time.

As you can see, there are a whole variety of reasons why you should choose living room shutters for your home. Whether it is to add a touch of style to the space, or perhaps make sure that your home is quieter, warmer and more welcoming. Shutters are the answer that you are looking for. There are so many different choices out there for you, so many styles, so many different finishes. You are sure to never be stuck for choice when it comes to wooden shutters for your home.

How to select shutters for your home

Interior design is never easy to embark upon - there are so many aspects to consider. When it comes to shutters, there are a variety of different products to choose from and each one has its own benefits to consider.

To help you along the way, we have put together our guide on how to select shutters for every room in your home. After reading this, it won’t get any easier when it comes to making the right decision for your home.

Think about the style of your room

One of the simplest ways to select shutters for your home is to think about the style (contemporary or traditional) that you want to achieve, or that you have already put in place. You also need to think about colour. The great thing about shutters is that you can choose from any colour or stain, which means that you can always find one that will compliment your overall theme.

Consider which material is going to work best

Another important aspect to think about is the different materials that shutters can be made from. The two main choices are polyvinyl and wood. The standard and most popular option for bathroom shutters is simple vinyl materials, but these can look cheap and uninviting. Granted they are mould resistant but are not always an attractive option. Our team will know the right materials and finishes and may even be able to point you in the direction of stylish wooden shutters such as cedar wood, which have been properly stained or painted and sealed to resist any moisture.

Do you want to be able to open your shutters fully?

Depending on which room your shutters are going to live, you may need to consider how you will open your shutters. If the shutters can be free from furniture and you want to create a well-lit space, then you may want to think about opting for bi-fold shutters that enable the panels to fold back on themselves.

Alternatively, for those rooms where you really don’t need to be able to open them fully, you can always pick a shutter that offers tilted louvres. Tier on Tier is a versatile shutter style which provides privacy whilst maximising light filtration into your room, by allowing the top tier panels to be opened and folded back, whilst keeping the bottom closed. This is ideal if you want to protect your privacy too, such as in a bedroom, or if the window faces onto a public space or busy road.

Thinking about how to select shutters for your home? Why not check out the full range, categorised by room here? Chances are, with so many to pick from, you will soon find the ideal choice for you, and with our help you will have the perfect home, from the windows in.

Six benefits of Wooden Shutters

When it comes to window fixtures, shutters provide a more permanent solution to the interior space. Luxury wooden shutters can add tremendous depth and character to space, giving even the quaintest of spaces a feeling of modern design and décor. If you are wondering whether to purchase wooden shutters, here are some key benefits to consider.

Number One: Light Control

Louvers can be adjusted on various shutters to regulate the angle and the amount of light which enters a room. As the sun’s position changes throughout the day, this feature is a huge benefit. While some other options provide a slight means of light control and adjustments, the denser material and thicker design of a high standard shutter offers a little more precision.

Maximise Light Shutters

Number Two: Allergen Reducer

Typically, window fixtures are soft or thin. Cloth, especially, is a culprit for housing dust and other allergens on the surface. As the material is not easily cleaned, and in most cases is not daily maintained to free the surface from dust and allergens, those who have cloth or soft surfaces are more prone to see allergen related issues.

Wooden shutters are easily cleaned because of their solid surface and durability. Non-abrasive cloths or a feather duster can easily maintain a room’s shutters, thus reducing the level of allergens in any given space. It is best to dust regularly to keep the grains and the vibrancy of the wood at it best. Check with the manufacturer if you have any questions about the best means of maintenance and servicing of your wooden shutters.

Number Three: Timeless

Blinds and some other means of window treatments shift in purpose and design. Yet, for hundreds of years, shutters have been used without being considered dated and out of fashion. The simple but effective design of the shutter is timeless, meaning that if you invest in luxury wooden shutters today, your less likely to want to update them in a few years. Granted, there are selections which are catered to current trends which may see a bit of fluctuation in the demand. However, even these stand the test of time.

Number Four: Longevity

Compared to plastics and synthetics, wooden shutters offer a higher longevity. Wood, when properly maintained and treated, will last for the duration of the home. This is different from blinds and cloth which would, over the course of a few months to a few years, require that the owner replace them. Additionally, due to the manner in which the wooden shutter is constructed, the day to day wear and tear on the shutter is less likely to decrease the longevity of them as they are built to endure such use.

Number Five: Design Continuity

One of the larger flaws with curtains and with blinds is that it is rather difficult to maintain a continuity between rooms. Due to the dimensional constraints of certain spaces, many times a homeowner, business, or renter will find that they must compromise to get a look and feel which is similar to another room. Luxury wooden shutters differ from the blinds and the curtains because they can be manufactured to meet the dimensions of any window. As such, all rooms within a given space can have the exact same design and aesthetics as adjoining rooms.

In addition to the size of the shutters available is the ability to match the design with existing elements of the space. The style and the stains which are available for wooden shutters are endless. Furthermore, many artisans allow for customisation of the shutter to meet certain demands. Even if you wish not to have the wooden look, but wish to paint the shutters, such can be accomplished, usually, for less then you would spend on interior designer curtains.

Number Six: Shutters add value to your home

Since wooden shutters are built to be a permanent fixture in the home, they could increase the value of the property. Firstly, the shutters provide protection to the glass of the window, something that insurers value highly. Secondly, the shutter is made from green materials in most cases, adding to the environmental consciousness of the home. Thirdly, shutters act as a thermal insulator to rooms, thereby adding to the comfort value of the home. Fourthly, the means of adjusting the slats of the shutter give the owner privacy while still controlling the light flow to the room. Finally, the consistency in the design gives value to the home as being a well thought out and executed interior design element to space.

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