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Shutter Shades in the Summer Sun

Now that the summer is finally here, we can enjoy long days in the sunshine. However, sleeping in the heat can be difficult. Wooden window shutters can provide much-needed shade during the day and help to keep the temperature down at night.

The New England Shutter Company wooden shutters can help you to stay cool in the heat in a number of ways:

  • Insulation – Wood is a natural insulator due to the air pockets within its cellular structure and therefore creates a natural barrier to both heat and cold.
  • Blocking out the sun – when closed, our shutters prevent the rays of the sun waking you up early, and also reflect rays away, reducing the amount of heat and harsh light entering the room early in the morning.
  • Shade – by positioning the blades, you can angle the sun away from where you are sitting or working and cut down on the heat entering your room.
  • Prevent Fading – the blades have a UV filter built in to prevent the wood colour or paint fading, but directing them away from furniture and flooring also means that you can prevent fading in the harsh rays.
  • Ventilation – although the louvers can be angled to prevent sun entering it still allows the air to flow freely through them, letting what little breeze there is in to circulate and cool the room.

A Distinctive ‘Hands On’ Approach

Since opening our own joinery factory in 2002 in Dubai, all New England shutters are custom made using only the finest grade timbers sourced from environmentally responsible suppliers.

With nearly 640 combined years of carpentry experience, we employ forty-five carpenters, machine operators, tailors and painters in the factory, along with an accountant and our factory manager, Rajesh.

A “Hands On” approach is critical to the quality control element of our customised manufacturing process. It allows for a close inspection to ensure the finest finish which can only be felt by hand.

We are the only company that can vary every element within the design of the shutter, from; blade size, distance between the blades, rail and side stile sizes, to the depth and height of the midrail. This flexibility allows us to truly customise the manufacturing process and design a shutter that is made to fit, not made to measure.

 Watch our manufacturing video for an exclusive insight in to our joinery workshop.


Transforming an Old Shop Front into a Contemporary Home

The monochrome trend continues as this old shop front has been transformed into the most stylish of split level private homes.

Working closely with a London designer, we manufactured these stunning 860mm wide Manhattan shutter panels, painted black, with 89mm blades.

A midrail and wider 55mm side stiles were incorporated in to the design to compliment this large contemporary space. A large 100mm deep frame was fitted to the window opening and the panels were individually hung using 45mm supporting T posts. We also integrated a split mechanism on to the bottom section of the panels to allow light and privacy on the mezzanine level leading downstairs.

Browse through our gallery and see how a set of stylish shutters can transform your living space.

Spring Interior Trends 2017

It’s officially spring and the perfect time to give your home interior a stylish spring clean. There are lots of ways to give your living space a new lease of life but here are a few of our top tips and tricks to get your home ready for the new season.


Neutral tones always make ideal base tone for any room as they are calming and create a sophisticated setting. This spring, powder greys are in and their versatility provides a timeless backdrop for any traditional or contemporary interior design. While grey works well on walls, flooring and upholstery, adding a set of soft white shutters can help to create a light and airy environment.


Described as a theme of ‘authenticity’ by retailers, this season’s interior designers are embracing the beauty of natural materials. In particular, natural wood is making a reappearance in our homes and creates an utilitarian and earthy feel. By investing in real wood, you can capture the real beauty of fine materials and prevent your living area from looking cheap.


Whether it’s bringing the outside in or extending your indoor space out, this season is all about merging the boundaries between your home and the great outdoors. Go small and subtle by investing in small accessories that work both in your home or garden, or open out your living space by installing alternative window or door coverings.


Private Villa in Al-Bidea

Working closely with the Architects at Bneider International (Kuwait), we designed, manufactured and recently installed these stunning Manhattan shutters in a private villa in Kuwait.

Our director visited the site on two occasions owing to a distinct requirement for a specialised design. The shutter panels are an integral part of each window pane. We chose a 64mm blade size to enable the shutters to be fitted within the frame/reveal of the window itself.

We custom stained American Oak to match our client’s existing oak window frames and woodwork. In the bathrooms, a white gloss finish adds a stunning touch to the shutters, using acrylic paint helps to protect the shutters from moisture.

View more stunning photos from the Villa or browse through our interior design portfolio to see how our stylish shutters can transform your living space.

Faux Leather or Suede? We've got you covered!

With over 15 years of experience at our factory, Sharma was originally employed as a carpenter. Discovering soon after that he was also a tailor, our Tailoring & Fabric section was created which he still leads today.

As demand for our exclusive faux leather and faux suede shutters has grown, Sharma has passed on his amazing skills to his growing team of tailors.

See their eye for detail and hands-on skills in our gallery of stunning faux leather and faux suede shutters.

Arabian Ranches Show Home in Dubai

Working closely with Carolyn, one of the interior designers from Hollands & Hutton in Dubai, we designed and manufactured these stunning Manhattan Moccasin Frost Faux Leather covered shutters for a show home near to a Dubai Golf Course.

At the TNESC factory, our experienced tailors machine stitch the fabric and cover each tulipwood shutter by hand with incredible attention to detail.

Browse through our gallery and see how our exclusive faux leather and suede shutters can transform your living space.

Separate your living area with Sliding Track Shutters

Customised sliding panels are the perfect way to transform the living space in this studio flat in London.

We colour matched our Manhattan shutters to blend with the interior décor to offer a unique way to separate open plan living. Glass panels are inset behind the moveable blades making these shutters truly bespoke. This unique feature allows our client to manipulate light filtration throughout the living space and prevent any invasive kitchen odours.

Browse through our gallery to see how our shutters on a track system can be used to divide rooms and creating different living areas.

Solid Shutters in a Mayfair Hotel

We recently designed, manufactured and installed these stunning bespoke solid wood Georgian shutters for an exclusive Mayfair Hotel in London.

Noise and light reduction was the priority for the owners’ guests and our director Nick worked closely with the designer to create the ideal solution. These bespoke, rebated Georgian panels were custom painted to match the beautiful décor and fitted with integral flush ring-pull handles. The solid wood tri-folding panels are hung with our custom-made L Frame using special butt hinges which match the existing antique brass fixtures.

Browse through our gallery and see how a set of stylish shutters can transform any commercial space.

A Fresh New Year Interior

Once the Christmas tree has been taken down and the festive decorations are packed away for another year, you may feel ready for a change.

If you are looking for a fresh new look for your home, solid wood shutters from our White Collection offer simple, understated elegance that will fit in with any interior style.

With an exclusive 35% discount offer on until 14th February 2017, now is the perfect time to update your home with bespoke wooden shutters from The New England Shutter Company.

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